London & Essex


Existing Title


5ft 6


Interesting Fact
I love meeting people from all walks of life . I horse ride and I enjoy playing football especially when England play .


Existing Title
Miss London



Drug Discovery Scientist

Interesting Fact
With a balanced passion for Science and Charity work, I am a Postgraduate in Drug Discovery and Pharma Management from University College London (UCL) and have been involved in educating underprivileged children in Science/Maths/English through Angel Express Foundation for the past 6 years. I strongly believe that every child has a right to quality education which can ensure their bright future. Currently I am working as an NHS Volunteer with Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital, London.





Interesting Fact
I won my first beauty pageant when I was 13 years old



5 ft 7


Interesting Fact
I know how to shoot a L144A1 rifle.

Emily C

Existing Title
Charity Queen London


170 cm

Chemical Engineering Master's Student

Interesting Fact
I was U16 Surrey Chess Champion. I also taught and coached 18 novice men how to row in one year



173 cm

Public Relations

Interesting Fact
I speak 6 different languages.





Interesting Fact
I speak Persian, English and French


Existing Title
Bare Face Top Model winner - in Miss London 22



University Politics student in Kings College

Interesting Fact
Born and raised in London I am the only child. I am a runner and fitness enthusiast. I enjoy visiting the British Library during my free periods in college. I’ve had the privilege of global travel, which has taught me about diversity, race and religion. I also enjoy writing fictional pieces in my own time. Studying politics in hope to become an aspiring diplomat, global politics is of keen interest to me, both personally and as an aspiring diplomat. I would love to focus on getting more women in the political field due to high male dominance in world politics.




Equality Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and Business Founder

Interesting Fact
I have am dedicated to the advancements of Women's rights and street saftety, I have campaigned for changes to legislation as well as contributed to a ITV Tonight documentary on Catcalling and Women's safety. I have supported over 50 women to create thier own business within the tech and charity sector and over 2,000 people into employment within London and the south east of England.


Existing Title
Virtual Heat 4 winner



Clinical Nurse, Phlebotomist, Biomedical sciences student

Interesting Fact
I am proud to work for the NHS, and also I have a life long passion for painting and the arts. I hold a wide range of skills and interests, including astronomy, dancing, literature, and more.





Interesting Fact
Write my first book at age 7 years and publish over 20 books




Student midwife

Interesting Fact
One of my favorite things to do is paint a sunset

The contest to find Londons representative for Miss England 2022  began  in the Spring of 2022 with Top Photographer Alan Strutt at his studio in London .  Selected contestants were invited to audition at his studio . From the auditions, at least  least 12  finalists have been chosen for the final round of the competition which will be held as a catwalk show at the Hotel Rafayel on Sunday 5th June to celebrate the Queens Jubilee weekend !  The finalists have been notified by email.

The main sponsor for the Miss London competition is Cetuem Cosmetics .

Cetuem Cosmetics are proud to sponsor Miss London, the event that will now see one of the 12 finalists carry off the regional crown.

The natural skincare company has been supporting Miss England for a number of years. Reigning Miss England, Rehema Muthamia, was so thrilled with the Cetuem skincare, that she agreed to become Ambassador for the luxury brand. She took over the crown from her predecessor Dr Bhasha Mukherjee, an NHS doctor, who was also impressed by the Cetuem skincare range, not only for its rejuvenating effects but also for its healing effects.

The Miss London finalists are also being invited on a City Sightseeing Tour of London to promote the capital in their own video diary for their social media . Good luck to all the finalists !

Click the logo to find out more




Event details

[email protected]

7 Interesting New Haircut Trends You Should Try

1 month ago

It’s no secret that a good haircut can make you feel more confident. Studies have shown that people with attractive hairstyles are more competent and successful. So if you want to change your look, why not try one of the latest trends in haircuts? Below are seven of the most interesting new haircut trends for men and women.

1. Wolf Cut Haircut

The wolf cut is a popular new haircut for men that involves cutting the hair very short on the sides and leaving it longer on top. This style a wolf cut is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance hairstyle that still looks stylish. The wolf cut can be styled in many ways, so it’s a good option for men who want a versatile hairstyle. It’s easy to maintain and doesn’t require special products or styling techniques. To get the wolf cut, ask your barber to buzz the sides of your hair short and to leave the top longer.


2. Undercut with Fade

The undercut with fade is a popular choice for men who want a stylish and modern hairstyle. It involves cutting the hair very short on the sides and back while leaving it longer on top. The hair on top is then styled into a pompadour or quiff. This haircut is easy to style and maintain but requires some daily effort. You’ll need to use a pomade or wax to style the hair on top, and you’ll need to keep the sides trimmed regularly. This haircut is best suited for men with thicker hair, as it can be difficult to style if you have thin or fine hair.

3. Layered Cut

The layered cut is a popular choice for women who want a versatile and stylish hairstyle. This cut involves cutting the hair into layers of different lengths, which can give the hair more volume and dimension. Layered cuts are easy to style and can be worn in various ways. To style layered hair, blow-dry your hair straight or use hot rollers to create soft waves. You can then use a curling or flat iron to add texture and volume.

4. Short Cut

The shortcut is a popular choice for women who want a low-maintenance hairstyle. This cut involves cutting the hair very short, usually no longer than the chin. Short cuts are easy to style and maintain and can be worn in various ways. To style a short cut, blow-dry your hair straight or use hot rollers to create soft waves. You can then use a curling or flat iron to add texture and volume.

5. Mohawk

The mohawk is popular for men who want a stylish and modern hairstyle. It involves shaving the hair on the sides of the head very short while leaving the hair on top longer. The hair on top is then styled into a mohawk. This haircut is easy to style and maintain but requires some daily effort. You’ll need to use a pomade or wax to style the hair on top, and you’ll need to keep the sides trimmed regularly. This haircut is best suited for men with thicker hair, as it can be difficult to style if you have thin or fine hair.

6. Side-Swept Bangs

If you’re looking for a new and trendy hairstyle, side-swept bangs may be just what you’re looking for. This style is versatile and can be worn with almost any hair type – straight, wavy, or curly. Side-swept bangs are also perfect for any face shape, and they can be styled in various ways to suit your taste. Side-swept bangs are also a great way to add style to your look without making too big of a commitment. They can be worn long or short and work well with casual and dressy outfits. If you’re unsure whether side-swept bangs are right for you, why not try them? You can always go back to your old style if you don’t like them.

7. Layered Cut

Layers are a great way to add texture and dimension to your hair. They can also help to create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. Layered cuts are suitable for all hair types, from straight to curly. If you have fine or thin hair, layers can help to give your hair more body and volume. Layered cuts are also versatile and can be styled in many different ways. You can wear your layers long or short, and you can style them with a variety of different hairstyles. Layered cuts are worth considering if you’re looking for a new and trendy hairstyle.

Whether you’re looking for a new style to try or want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, these seven interesting new haircut trends are sure to give you some inspiration. So go ahead and make the change – you’ll be glad you did.

Cetuem salon “Primas Medi Spa” in The City of London celebrated their 6th anniversary

1 month ago

Miss London 2022 Anjali Sinha, wearing her crown and sash walked down the red carpet and joined the party to the delight of the guests and management. A delicious buffet was served and guests were entertained to performances by a belly dancer and a violinist. A large celebratory cake was served at the end of the evening.

Andria Vassiliou, CEO of Cetuem Cosmetics, sponsors of the Miss London heat, was at hand to talk about the skincare range based on natural ingredients and containing 24 carat gold.

Andria Vassiliou, CEO of Cetuem Cosmetics with the newly crowned Miss London Anjali Sinha

Primas have been using the Cetuem range throughout the past 6 years. Anjali is also a great fan of the products ensuring she maintains her skin tone even and her complexion radiant.

For more information visit;


2 months ago

Green Queens
The Miss London 22 final was held at the Hotel Rafayel on the Left Bank on World Environment day , June 5th .
TWO WINNERS were crowned to go forward to the Miss England final .

Anjali Sinha wore a white gown from To The Nines

Miss London Anjali Sinha is a scientist from Ilford who purchased her Eco Outfit from Oxfam . Anjali is already an ambassador for WASUP & actively campaigns in London for the World Against Single Use Plastic cause .

The charity queen winner Emily Cossey from Chelsea won the City Sightseeing vlogging award & raised £3,120 by cycling across London to 45 tube stations!!
Click to see Emilys winning video here 
The 12 finalists are pictured with outgoing queen Jessica Kang on the steps of the  Rafyel hotel dressed in Ethical fashion before the main catwalk show …
Interesting fact ; The Hotel Rafayel  is famed for being one of the worlds first ecology aware hotels. They pioneer the use of energy efficient lighting, air conditioning and heat recovery every day & even in the very early days of the hotel design.
Each of the Miss London  finalists were invited to create an ethically sourced  outfit for the final catwalk with a Royal Garden Party theme to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee weekend.
The ethical fashion round in Miss England has been held every year since 2007 ..
It is now one of the favourite rounds in the Miss England contest!

Image by Alan Strutt of the Miss London Finalists wearing Ballgowns from To The Nines in celebration of the Queens Jubilee

The finalists also modelled red white and blue evening gowns from To the Nines designers to celebrate the Queens Jubilee on the red carpet at the hotel .


The Miss London final was sponsored by Cetuem Cosmetics, a Natural skincare brand in London & contestants were encouraged to post a make up free image of themselves on social media to promote natural beauty . Melisa Raouf a politics student was voted the most natural beauty by Cetuem London .

Melisa Raouf won the natural beauty award, the no make up round sponsored by Cetuem Cosmetics by posting her bare face image on social media  Cetuem Cosmetics owner Andria Vassilou who was one of the judges alongside the reigning Miss England Rehema Muthamia. 


First runner up in Miss London was Pagan-Lilley Phillips a programme manager sponsored by Fluid London 
Second runner up was Sepal Dawed , a student midwife sponsored by Love Sounds Records .
Over £8,000 was raised by the contestants for Papyrus a Suicide Prevention charity based in London .

Emily & Anjali now in the Miss England final

Both Anjali & Emily both go forward to the Miss England National final sponsored by Dentakay Dental Clinic later this year


3 months ago

Need dental work ? 

All Miss England associates  in the regional heats, semi and national finals , sponsors , contestants and their families can claim a FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION  !

Click the Dentakay image below  to see the amazing offer with Dentakay

Dentakay is the official dental sponsor for Miss England 22

Miss London Finalists In praise of natural beauty

3 months ago

Press release

Miss London Finalists In praise of natural beauty

The Bare face round in the London heat of Miss England 22 is proving a success with most of the finalists opting to post a photo of themselves with no make up on Instagram!

This make up free round was introduced to the Miss England contest back in 2019 by director Angie Beasley to promote natural beauty on social media and many competitions around the world have since followed suit!

You can see articles in the media here


AOL – 


Cetuem Cosmetics a company specialising in natural skincare products and who manufacture all of their products within the UK, are the skincare partner for Miss London 22.

Andria Vassiliou, co-founder of Cetuem Cosmetics & skincare sponsor said 

“I was instantly drawn to Miss England’s Bare Face Model campaign, a qualifying round of the famous beauty pageant. It promotes natural beauty and shows the girls’ faces without any make-up.

As a cosmetics company specialising in natural skin care, we are proud to help the contestants to look after their skin so their natural beauty can shine through. Give them confidence to throw away their make-up and not be influenced by the unrealistic filtered images that appear on Instagram” .

Ten of the Miss London finalists Make up Free!

Ten Miss London finalists have already posted their no make up images on social media . The reigning Miss England “Rehema Muthamia” was one of the 3 Bare Face Top Model winners in the 2021 Miss England contest.

The final of Miss London takes place on Sunday 5th June at the Hotel Rafayel and the winner of the Cetuem Bare Face round wins a place in the Miss England semi final.

To see all the finalists in the contest visit;

For more details contact [email protected]

For more details about Cetuem visit

Miss London finalists Explore London with City Sightseeing!

3 months ago

The finalists for Miss London 22 the regional qualifier for Miss England have all been invited to create a vlog about the city they aim to represent as part of the competition ahead of this years final contest. Eleven  of the finalists met in person for the first time for the City Sightseeing bus tour of London to start the girls off with their vlogs .

The Explore the Nation round was introduced to the Miss England contest in 2020 to promote tourism in England by the Miss England Director Angie Beasley.

“It was a real icebreaker for the girls  I think they all enjoyed it ” said Angie .   It really gives the girls chance to get to know one another & meet ahead of the Miss London final.  Ive seen many long friendships begin in Miss England area heats over the years . Its also good to promote the area they want to represent. ” said Angie.

From the top deck of the City Sightseeing bus, the Miss London finalists could see all London’s history .  Both past and the history that’s being made today. Its in a city whose story is told on its streets, there’s no better way to travel on an open top bus …

The vlogging team and photographers from FAB UK Magazine also joined the contestants on the trip to see some of the London highlights and have sent us some amazing images from the day which can be seen on the Miss England app. Thank goodness the sun was shining all afternoon for the exciting trip !

If you fancy seeing the London highlights take a look at the City Sightseeing website and try their Hop on Hop off tours

The Miss London final catwalk takes place at the Hotel Rafayel on June 5th at 6pm .

Click here to learn more about this years finalists


Miss London 22 date and venue !

4 months ago

The official Miss England  heat for London is being held at the Hotel Rafayel on the Left Bank on Sunday 5th June in association with Cetuem London .

Just 12 finalists will be chosen from all the contestants who have auditioned at Alan Strutts photographic studio who are invited to take part in the final catwalk.  FAB UK Magazine will be covering the event as the official media partner !

As part of their Beauty with a Purpose projects , the contestants are being invited to raise funds and awareness for Papyrus , the UK suicide prevention charity .  The contestant raising the most funds will be crowned the charity queen and be fast tracked through to the Miss England Semi Final, even if she isnt chosen as the Miss London winner .

To the Nines will be offering dress vouchers for the top 3 winners and judges include top hairdresser HAIR BY DAR and former Miss England Dr Carina Tyrrell who worked as part of the clinical team who created the Oxford Vaccine. Read more about Carinas amazing work here 

The outgoing queen Jessica Kang is featured in the Hotel Rafayel Spa – image taken by top celebrity photographer Alan Strutt

To see all the contenders visit here 


Council office worker who lost 3 stone wins Virtual Miss London contest

2 years ago

Due to lockdown Jessica arranged her own winning photoshoot  at home until the official shoot with Celebrity Photographer Alan Strutt can take place at the Taj 51 Buckinghamgate Suites & Residences in London   !


Jessica is pictured here in the green dress 2 years ago and this year before lockdown at the gym !


Council office worker who lost 3 stone

Reaches Miss England final by winning Virtual Miss London Contest 

Left photo by Celebrity photographer Alan Strutt


Just over 2 years ago Jessica Kang (23) tipped the scales at over 13 stone. After meeting her boyfriend Roan, a personal Trainer… She decided she wanted to loose weight & get fit.   On Saturday the 9thMay 2020 in lockdown,  Jessica received the dream news that she had been hoping for at home in her kitchen  .

Jessica had won the Miss London title, the cities Virtual heat for MISS ENGLAND!

Sophie , Jessica’s sister was contacted by the Miss England office through a friend to break the news to Jessica at home as the whole heat has been held virtually.

” I have lost a lot of weight. I weighed over 13 stone two years back and ever since I met my partner Roan and he has changed my life. He inspired me so much to lose weight as he is a newly qualified personal trainer now and has always been into fitness. He motivated me so much, and I wanted to see a change in myself. So I put the hard work in at the gym and it all paid off, ever since, I’m addicted to fitness and bettering my health. When the gym was open I would go 5 times a week after work..” said Jessica .

 “My job is a desk job and I would say this has contributed to my weight gain as it’s not a very physically active job.  During lockdown I am still working out but only sometimes, mainly I am focusing on my diet and eating the correct amount, my macros have dropped as the intensity of my workouts aren’t that great as being in the gym. So whatever I eat depends on my workouts ideally.

I started off my career with an apprenticeship in business admin at Ealing council HR department. This has been my first ever job. I did three years of the course and then my manager made me permanent on the team. I enjoy my role so much as there is so much to learn and progress and my relationship with my colleagues is brilliant, we are like a family.”

Jessica is sponsored by Plastfree Pads a  new Plastic free sanitary pad and will now represent the city in the next Miss England final being re-planned later this year .

Jessica submitted 3 videos and various photos and managed to raise  £365 for the Miss World Beauty with a Purpose Charity as part of the Miss London  Virtualcontest and took part in an online public vote where she received over 1000 votes from her well wishers.   The contest was due to be held as a fashion shoot style final at the Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences, but like all venues across the country , the hotel is currently closed .  But the organisers plan to hold an official  Miss London crowning ceremony at the hotel with the resident celebrity hairdresser Hair by Dar once everything re-opens .

“ All 12 finalists in the Miss London contest submitted their Introduction , catwalk and talent videos and managed to raise over £1100 for charity collectively in a short space of time during their time in lockdown “ said Miss England organizer Angie Beasley . “ I think they enjoyed taking part in this online concept as they are in control as to what they can submit.  Jessica scored well in all the rounds and I’m pleased she won , she seems a great girl and is unrecognizable in her photos two years ago. She looks amazing now and credit to her boyfriend @roanroachfitness , he must be very proud !

Jessica with Roan


1st Runner up in Miss London who has now been invited to participate in the semi final of Miss England as Miss Lewisham is CONSTANCE ILOGHALU .





2nd Runner up and the winner of the Top Model award is Sissy Fury who now has a place in the Miss England semi final

Miss London 2020 entrant    Sissy Fury





Winner of the Talent award in Miss London 2020 is Claudia

Claudia Prabaharan





Top fundraiser in Miss London is Keflyn Sachar who raised over £495 for Beauty with a Purpose




Keflyn Sachar


The Virtual contest raised over £1100 for the Miss World Charity Beauty with a Purpose


Press Enquires please email [email protected]

Tel  07979 742756


Miss London 2020 EVENT

2 years ago

Miss London 2020 was due to be held at the Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites & Residences as a fashion shoot on April 14th with top celebrity photographer Alan Strutt and Hairdressing with by Hair by Dar. 

Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak the contest is now being held on line. Contestants have been invited to submit videos introducing themselves , doing a catwalk and performing a talent in their own home .

The winner of Miss London will be invited to a photoshoot at the Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites & Residences during her year with Top Photographer Alan Strutt .

Taj 51 Buckingham Gate suites & Residences is a luxury 5-star hotel, next to Buckingham Palace and close to Mayfair shops and Kensington hospitals. The spacious two and three-bedroom suites are some of the largest in London with the exclusivity of a private home, butler service, fully equipped kitchenettes, a Jiva Spa and a variety of dining options, including the Michelin-starred Quilon.
Click the logo to find out more ;


For more information about Jessica and the event see this link