Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Natasha Beresford (26) had the confidence to tread the catwalk at the Miss London heat of the Miss England beauty pageant wearing no make-up – joining 18 other make-up free contestants. This new trend was started by Melisa Raouf, winner of last year’s Bare Face Top Model round, after Cetuem Cosmetics had given her the confidence to ditch her make-up bag and show off her natural beauty.

Cetuem Cosmetics is well known for the excellence of their skincare products that promote an even skin tone and give a flawless, radiant complexion. Made from natural ingredients such as botanical extracts, vitamins, essential oils and 24 carat colloidal gold, they are suitable for all skin colours from the fairest to the darkest, all ages and skin conditions.

Natasha, a dental nurse in London, who has just been crowned Miss London 2023, is the perfect Face of Cetuem, as the beauty queen and the cosmetics company share their conviction that women should be proud of their natural beauty. “Our main goal at Cetuem is to eliminate skin imperfections. We have worked over 20 years to develop products that give a glowing, youthful, blemish-free complexion at whatever age you are” says Andria Vassiliou, founder and CEO of Cetuem Cosmetics, and a qualified aesthetician.

Natasha will be going to the Miss England finals in May 2024.  She’ll continue to be looked after Cetuem, ensuring her skin looks its best for this momentous event.

Miss World title awaits

If crowned, Natasha will represent England at the prestigious Miss World contest, and if she continues with her make up free campaign she will be the first make up free contestant ever in the 72 year history of the iconic beauty pageant.

Powerful message

“It is such an honour to be the first ever make up free Miss London. I hope to inspire young women and girls to feel confident in their own skin. We are all beautiful in our own, unique way and we should embrace that!” says Natasha.

Before gathering momentum, the Bare Face round was first launched by Miss England director Angie Beasley in 2019.

“I launched the Bare Face round in 2019 after receiving so many entry images where I couldn’t recognise the contestants! This was due to thick make-up and filtered photos they were submitting thinking that’s what we wanted to see. I felt we needed to do something so I invited contestants who reached the final stages to submit images of themselves make up free and post on their own social media to encourage more natural beauty images. The entry age to Miss England which leads to Miss World is 16-27.  I’m all for make-up to enhance your natural beauty but there’s no need to wear a complete mask, especially at such a young age” says Angie.


MISS ENGLAND Finals  May 2024




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