Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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At the Miss England 2024  finals 

Miss Lincolnshire & We Do Ethical Queen final award winner Mary Jennings


Its not very often that you see a beauty queen enjoying a cake, but these gorgeous cakes made by a Leicester baker actually looked too good to eat.

Each of the 40 Miss England national finalists had a personalized doll cake made with their names iced on a sash , most in the colour of the evening gown they chose to wear during the Miss England Grand Final , the nations entry to Miss World .

The contestants were delighted to see Mini versions of themselves transformed in to edible cakes after the Miss England final took place !

Director Angie Beasley said “ I would like to say a big thank you to Kam at Kreative Bakes for making these gorgeous cakes for the girls , they absolutely loved them. It was such a nice surprise for the contestants to receive after the final catwalk but it looked like incredibly hard work to make them !”

Owner of Kreative Bakes Kam Bahra found out what color dress each contestant was planning to wear before the final took place at the Grand Station Wolverhampton .

From these images it looks like blue was a popular colour !

Miss England finalists Alexandria Crystal from Yorkshire & Elvira Styles from Berkshire pick up their cakes

Some finalists couldn’t decide on the colour in time , changing their minds at the last minute for the big final … Milla Magee who couldn’t decide whether to wear a white or red dress for the final catwalk from the Miss England dress partner Simply Divine!

Amy Blyth Miss Lancashire with her doll cake !

Imogen Brown doll cake was an identical colour !

Rebekah Watkins from Goole  said ” I haven’t got any photo shots of myself and the cake together, but I have got some pictures of the ‘mini-me’ cake I received and my upcycling of the little plastic figure included in the cake piece. This was definitely one of those cakes that you want to keep forever as a memento, and in my case I kind of have, crocheting a white dress for my ‘mini-me’ from wool scraps and fashioning glasses from wire left-overs, and styling her hair as mine was on the day!

Rebekah upcycled her cake after the event and said “I’m quite proud as Im also a We Do Ethical Queen, that Ive saved the figure from landfill and upcycled her into a memory of the event!

Baker Kam Bahra, owner of Kreative Bakes has been working with the Miss England competition for 3 years now , sometimes creating beautiful vegan cup cakes with the Miss England logo featured always enjoyed by the contestants .

Miss England finalist Suchita from Watford was delighted with her cake ! Photo by Alan Strutt

Kreative Bakes has over 20 years of experience in creating custom cakes and bakes; each specialised and designed to perfection, meeting all your requirements. There are vegan options available if required.

The winner Milla clutching her cake the morning after winning the Miss England final !

Milla Magee , the Miss England winner said ” I wanted to mention my beautiful Doll Cake created by Kam, almost to beautiful to eat, well actually I still can’t bear to eat mine and she sits in my kitchen so I can be reminded of the best moment of my life. I had a choice of dresses for the night of the finals, my first was a white dress which is why my Doll Cake has a white dress on, but at the last minute I switched to a Red dress, that’s why my cake dosent match my final outfit, but I might just have to ask Kam to make me another, that way I can have to beautiful cakes to look at every day, if I can keep my will power and not eat them, as I know they taste absolutely delicious! “

Kreative Bakes cater for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, parties, anniversaries, charity events and more.

Please call or email for enquiries or more information. Based in Leicester, we serve clients throughout the Midlands.”

For more information please visit www.kreativebakes.co.uk