Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Everyone loves fireworks and it can add a lovely touch to what would already be a memorable event. While everything else can be photographed and video-taped by guests, fireworks are something that requires everyone to put down the camera, just watch, and enjoy and remember, which can create a moment of closeness in the group and a feeling of spontaneity.

People love fireworks and we believe there is no better way to entertain family & guests. If you are looking for something different for your entertainment, then FIREWORKS are a great addition!

This could be for Filming , Prom events, NYE, Xmas Parties, Wedding, B’days, Corporate, School fundraising, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Festivals, etc.

There are few opportunities in life when you can have your own firework display, but you can on your wedding day…

Something a little different

How about something a little different – something that makes your day stand out from all the other weddings that your family & friend will attend this year.

How about…

We provide Indoor fireworks (some effects below available for DIY or Professional options) ?

– an Avenue of glittering silver fountains as you arrive at the reception.

– a Wedding Pyro effect for a Guard of Honour ( Daytime or Indoor or in the Evening).

– a Circle of indoor fountains enclosing you as you take your 1st dance or cake cutting.

– a Waterfall of silver stars as you take your first dance.

– Dhol player with Pyro  –  ( Daytime or Indoor or in the Evening).

3 foot Exploding Balloons, with Pyro & Dry Ice. Either hanging from the ceiling or on the ground.

 Here are some videos for INDOOR stage pyro from some of our venues in Central London ( The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, Marriott Rosewood Hotel , Eton College, etc.) that we could organise for wedding celebrations at your venue too.

  • Bride & Groom entrance into the venue – Wedding Couple Entrance : CLICK HERE ( video shows 4 stations)
  • Cake cutting on the dance floor –  CLICK HERE  ( video shows 4 stations)

Below are some recent events for Rooftops, Stage music festival, Indoor, Stadium , Daytime events ;-

·                 NYE Shoreditch House rooftop event  –  https://youtu.be/_kYF7DiRZoo.  

·                 Xmas Celebrations – 



Close Proximity firework shows – NO NOISE fireworks ( INDOOR or OUTDOOR)



  • Ladies Sangeet Night – Close Proximity party – front driveway – ground effects & low level effects –
  • CLICK HERE to see video


Daytime Outdoor


·       Bridesmaids Bouquet of flowers at Bedford Gurdwara –

CLICK HERE to see OUTDOOR bridesmaid guard of honour

These are just some of the ideas our previous couples have dreamed of, and we have turned into magical reality.

So tell us what you are dreaming of and we’ll deliver the magic and the unforgettable moment.

The Fireworks Firm Ltd

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Ealing, LONDON, W3 9BD 

Tel: 020 8896 2866

M : 07977 421496


The Fireworks firm provided the fireworks at the Miss England 2024 finals ! 

Photo taken at below at Miss England 2024 by @bamboophotolab