Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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My name is Morris The Connector

I am the CEO of Connector Services Ltd
I have driven some of the biggest pop stars in the world, Clients like Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Whitney Houston,Usher Raymond and many more
I am here to Impact Inspire and Empower people to wear their Crown
I want to  show people how my sons death saved my life so I am now able to save Millions of lives
I am a former  Gang member.
But now I am a  Game Changer
I am a Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker  that can show people how to get the best out of themselves with my Program called “The incredible You”  which will show people  how to get unstuck and connect with their inner self which is the real you.
We are all born Leaders






It’s about finding your gift and purpose in life . And then serving with it, life happens for you not to you.
I used to say WHY ME when I was in my darkest hour.
My brother was stabbed to death when I was 14 years old he was 19 years old, that was the first death in my family that I can remember .
I then lost my  my son who was 18 Months old 30 years ago
then  my sister in 2007, Mother in 2010. Father 2011, Wife 2015. And another Son in 2018.
The pain that I suffered has made me a person of resilient that now knows how to transmit  that pain into a gift which has now become my purpose , by showing people how they too can overcome Adversity in their life, and then use it as a gift in the way that I have done.
My light has now been switched on i can see clearly now in a way that has enabled me to be able to switch on other people’s lights .
I am now an inspirational speaker Author and I am also filming a Documentary of my life which will be made into a film later on.
I have had my fare share of hard knocks. I have found my true purpose and gift in life,
I told my life story on one of the largest Radio stations in London called the BBC
You can listen to it on my website.
I have also been asked to attend 10 Downing Street to talk about the kids and Knife crime.
I am now a Mentor to many kids
I have been going to Schools and teaching kids how they can change from a Follower to be a leader we are all born to lead.
I recently went to Ethiopia to visit my daughter who now teaches  English out there  at a school I went to her school and seeing the struggle the Children faced with resources made me have a Vision and Mission to get a team together to open a school in Ethiopia for Orphaned kids, and also one in London that teaches life skills and Empowerment .
we need to realise that the kids never asked to be here.
They are also the future of the world.
I am looking for like minded people that share my vision and Mission which is to get the resources out to Ethiopia for the Children, so they can become Champions in the world. .

I have a Non Profit organisation called

Morris The Connector CIC