Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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To win a prestigious beauty pageant and represent your state at the world level is a one in million chance. About the same chances, you have to win at roulette at TonyBet casino. But sometimes luck smiles on those who were born under a lucky star. One such lucky woman is Rehema Muthamia. 

Rehema won the title of Miss England 2021, having received a ticket to the 70th Miss World Competition in Puerto Rico in December.

In a conversation with a local newspaper, the young woman told how happy after her she was declared the winner at the event.

The competition was divided into 11 categories that include ethical fashion, sport, and climate change.

Rehema, who works as a consultant for medical technology in London, ranked first in the “Miss All African Colours heat” ​​contest and went in to the final of Miss England.

“I was only Kenyan at the competition. Another African was a girl from Nigeria,” she says.

“The judges were looking for a person who knows how to empathize, is fond of charity and helps others, and also speaks well and behaves in public.”

Rehema, who received part of his primary education at the school of St. Andrei Tura in Kenya, said that she did not expect victory.

“It was a completely incredible feeling. When I called my name as the winner, I was in full shock. Going out on the stage and hearing how the hall broke out with joy and support was just amazing. I experienced so many emotions when it was crowned.”

According to her, although it looks calm, “I tried to keep the tears of joy with all my might!”

She will represent England at the competition in Puerto Rico on December 16. We said that all her relatives, living both in the UK and in Kenya, were extremely happy with her victory.

“My family lives in the city of Meru. My family members in Kenya were very proud of me when they got the news that I had won the Miss England title. I received many messages with words of support and wishes of good luck in the final of the Miss World Competition. , – she said.

“Competition” Miss England “is the first competition in which I participated, although I have always been interested in beauty contests. From the youngest years, we can say. I still can not believe that this is the first competition in which I participated and won “, – she said.

She said that he was looking forward to visiting Kenya, where she was not already ten years old.

“I am a citizen of Great Britain. I went there and here between England and Kenya when I studied in the Kenyan boarding school, but I still have to visit Kenya. I will definitely visit Kenya very soon!”.

She loves to travel.

“I visited almost 20 countries. I love to cook. I like dancing, especially Salsa and Bachata. I have been dancing for four years already. I also started doing yoga and meditation during a pandemic.”

Let’s wish her luck in the upcoming Miss World 2021 and look forward to seeing her win!

During her board as Miss England,  Rehema has been invited to be an ambassador and spokesperson  to raise awareness for  domestic violence against women and their children . 

Photo of Rehema by Studio NI Photography