Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Mary Jennings, who is Miss Lincolnshire for 2023/24, visited the BBMF to experience a tour of the Hangar with ex-Vulcan Navigator, Andy Marson and also had the opportunity to interview him to find out more about his fascinating career in the RAF.

Now when I say you can definitely hear this place before you see it – it’s no word of a lie. We were met at the entrance to the car park by the Typhoon Squadron practicing their skills; an absolute spectacle (aided by the fabulous sounds of the crackling engines!). My BBMF visit began by having a look around the Museum that was in the Visitor Centre; a fascinating and extremely educational introduction to the site itself. I learnt a lot here about the history of the aircraft before seeing any of the planes themselves. Having briefly educated myself on the planes beforehand, I felt it allowed me to better understand and interpret the information here with accuracy, and having a background in aviation itself came in handy!


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