Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Tiger-May Millington won the Bare Face Top Model award at the recent Miss England semi final held in Blackpool . Here’s more information about Tiger in her own words …..

” My name is Tiger-May Millington, and I am 26 years old and from County Durham. I attained a degree in Marketing and Management from a top 5 UK University, Durham. I work as a Professional Model and part-time Social Media Manager.

At the age of 22 years old I experienced a physical trauma that left me with bladder damage.

This left me traumatised with a catheter bag strapped to my leg, as well as learning to self-catheterise. This may have been a permanent fixture! However, I was lucky that this was not the case, and I recovered with the support of my family and community. The experience has made me more resilient and determined and I will always be grateful for the support I received, especially since I was recovering during Covid, achieving a 2.1 was at times unimaginable!

Tiger without and with make up ! 

I have volunteered at my local community centre for many years; assisting in running events, as well as raising funds, and have contributed to over £40,000 raised. In 2017 I was the youngest Trustee of a community centre in the country.

My aim for participating in Miss England is simple: kindness to people, animals, and the environment. I aim to empower women of all ages to feel good through the choices they make, in all aspects of life, by educating them on how they can live a more sustainable, cruelty free lifestyle, choosing compassion over cruelty. I have been actively involved with Animal Aid UK and North-East Animal Rights, campaigning in the beauty and food industries through social media articles, school and sixth form talks, and public outreach events. Addressing environmental issues is critical for us all in helping to tackle many health issues, such as cancer.

If I was lucky enough to win Miss England I’d want to use ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ to support Miss England’s chosen charities, particularly wedoethical.org, and to empower women to feel good about the choices they make. Let us use this prestigious title to spread awareness of the critical issues facing us all. Let us create a world we want our children to live in that is focussed on compassion. I aim to do this by continuing with my outreach work, talks in schools, and continuing to influence through social media. If I won Miss England I would use the position to network with other organisations, using the Miss England crown to amplify the importance of addressing environmental issues.

The message is simple, if we all made small adaptations in our choices, then this will lead to a tidal wave of environmental change!”

Tiger is now a national finalist competing in the Miss England national final at the Grand Station Wolverhampton in the 2 day event on the 16th & 17th May 2024 sponsored by Watermans Hair and will receive gifts at the final including luxury perfume by Tomavicci and skincare from Highborn London

For tickets to support Tiger at the Miss England Grand final please visit this website