Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Meet Jordan – Miss England Finalist

By 19th April 2024 No Comments
My name is Jordan Mccullen Pritchett and I am a model actress, writer and artist. Currently an aspiring singer / musician. Very passionate about being an environmentalist, activist human and animals rights/ issues.
I would like to make my own movies and TV series’s as well as in the process of writing and hopefully publishing a book about fictional story that involves realism and fantasy but with the main plot being self discovery finding meaningful life experiences. Overcoming adversity, helping yourself and others in need. Saving the world for the better. My interesting fact is I am African American Philadelphia, Scottish, English & Caribbean dual nationality UK & USA passport but lived in Spain for year so I learnt a lot of the Spanish language/culture.

If I was to win the Miss England title I would use it  to make environmental impactful changes like educating people about how we as a society can make a difference in the way we live today as there is already minorities and secondary countries that are being affected by climate disruption and it will affect the first world countries not far behind. Also how important it is for us to have something to stand for when it comes to activism not just people and living things having rights but respect, love and compassionate support on earth. As someone with a disability, sexuality, gender and race diversity makes me greatly appreciate of my responsibilities in speaking up for others having my own personal experiences. Also, I would like to share my knowledge and experiences on being able to find success in life without a formal education but still choosing to gain important knowledge from both sides. Art and science. Creating art in most forms as well as making an effort in learning all the universe has to offer. From books, online and experiences or even educational courses.

Jordan promoting the Miss England Headline sponsors Watermans Hair


Jordan will be competing in the next Miss England national final taking place at the Grand Station Wolverhampton  on the 16th & 17th May 2024 sponsored by Watermans Hair.

For tickets to support Jordan at the event visit the Grand Station Website to find out more