Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Dr. Joyce Z. Wazirali is a multi-award winning Author, Leader and Doctor in

She has been featuring in Forbes, The International Magazine, Times
Business Magazine, Who’s Who of the World 2022, and more…

Dr. Joyce is the founder of the Academy for Unity Conscious Leadership®.

For over 35 years, she has specialized in entrepreneurship, leadership development and
cultural change. As a Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Facilitator,

Dr. Joyce offers;
– guidance and leadership courses for individuals and leaders,
– speaks about entrepreneurship, leadership and cultural change,
– and facilitates people and organizations to break obstructive patterns, unlock potential
and thrive again by using the lens of Unity Conscious Leadership®.

Her mission is to contribute to healthy relationships and societies, absolute happiness
and peace with the ‘lens’ of Unity Conscious Leadership®; a new paradigm of leadership
to transcend Duality (which is the root-cause of crises, conflicts and polarization) and
grow to Unity (dynamic world peace).

In her book ‘Unity Conscious Leadership™’, Dr. Joyce reveals the secrets of Successful
Leadership & Cultural Change. It is a journey of awareness and discovery of the causes andeffects of conflicts and crises revealing the secrets of the complex dynamic of
relationships and cultural issues.

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