Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Former Miss England winner , NHS Doctor “Bhasha Mukherjee”  talks about own Hair Loss as Watermans Hair becomes Headline sponsor for Miss England 2024

The new headline sponsor for Miss England 2024 is Watermans Hair,  a brand founded by Gail and Matt Waterman who are based in Yorkshire.

Watermans is a Queens award winning company that has been in business since 2012 making it the Original Hair Growth company.

The hair company aligns perfectly with the Miss England Beauty with a Purpose chosen project this year which is “Balls to Cancer” a charity nominated by the Grand Station Wolverhampton where the final is being hosted on May 17th” says Director of Miss England Angie Beasley

Waterman’s already donate their hair growth shampoo called  ‘Grow Me’ to chemo wards across the UK.  Watermans is ran by 99% Women ‘Girl Power” and 50% owned by a women of colour.

NHS Dr Bhasha Mukherjee a former Miss England winner said womens hair loss seems to be a taboo subject & wanted to share her experience

NHS Doctor Bhasha Mukherjee who became the first British Indian to win the Miss England title in 2019 said

 “There is an insane amount of pressure put on women, especially those in the public eye, to present thick luscious yet always perfectly styled hair all the time. Having beautiful hair is almost an imperative feature of womanhood, so much so that the topic of hair loss in women is a taboo. I’ve personally felt ashamed to talk about experiencing hair loss, a very common occurrence for thousands of young women as a result of the modern stressful, unhealthy lifestyle, harmful hair products and heat tools. I’ve had to wear hair extensions, used eye shadow to cover thinning areas and so many other steps over the years, including during my reign as Miss England.  Female pattern hair loss should be destigmatize and the fact that Watermans is addressing this is a big reason for me to try their products out!”

The company emerged from Gail & Matt’s own personal battles with hair loss. The duo, leveraging Gail’s 32 years of experience as a hairdresser and salon owner and Matt’s marketing prowess, aimed to create products that blend efficacy with high salon standards.

Gail & Matt Waterman

Their journey started with rigorous testing on themselves, followed by trials in Gail’s salon to cater to diverse hair needs and validate their products’ effectiveness. Today, Watermans has achieved global recognition, selling a product every 30 seconds through its worldwide distributor network. At the heart of their success is a commitment to quality, using premium ingredients to ensure their offerings not only meet but exceed customer expectations. The company prioritizes tangible results and customer satisfaction over profits, focusing on providing solutions that genuinely aid in overcoming hair-related challenges.

Watermans is thrilled to be the headline sponsor for the national final of Miss England 2024, which takes place at the Grand Station Wolverhampton over a two day period , on the 16th & 17th May 2024 .

The winner  of this prestigious contest will go forward to the 72nd Miss World final .

Director Of Miss England Angie Beasley said ” It’s great to have a British brand headline the Miss England contest final,  its the first time for many years .  I’m thrilled to have Watermans on board and I look forward to spreading the word about their amazing brand”.

Before the Miss England 2024 national final, Jessica Gagen an aerospace engineer & the first redhead to win Miss England will be representing the country at the the 71st Miss World in India. Jessica flies out on the 16thFebruary to join 120 contestants from across the world for month long festival with the winner being crowned on the 9th March 2024 in Mumbai.

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