Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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WASUP has a breakthrough –

First Ever WASUP Logos on Litter Bins in the UK and much more…..

by Jennifer Carless – winner of the Charity Queen award

in the recent Miss England Virtual semi final 

“Following contacting my local Council regarding WASUP – World Against Single Use Plastic, environmental issues generally plus my title as a Miss England Finalist, I received a called from the Council Secretary advising the Mayor would like to meet me personally and have a chat.

We met and had a very fruitful conversation. Subsequently, I was invited to present WASUP at the Council meeting.

The presentation was very well received, lasting over an hour and a half and Professor Gatrad OBE DL the founder was able to join for part of the meeting via zoom.

The Mayor and the Council were very receptive to working with WASUP, ‘Wedoethical’ and with me personally with my Miss England platform and Charity work.

The Council agreed to:

  • Add ‘WASUP’ logos to each of their community litter bins and flower planters, with immediate effect.
  • Add posters on notice boards.
  • Provided direct contacts within the councils for me to work towards having stickers on waste lorries and dust bins.
  • For my involvement at several events regarding ‘WASUP’, Wedoethical and Miss England.
  • To assist with going into both Primary and Secondary schools to educate regarding the environment plus my own very personal campaign with Miss England of ‘Just the way you are’ encouraging the future generations to believe in themselves and safeguard their environment.



We now have the first ever ‘WASUP’ logos in the UK, on all of my community litter bins and flower planters.  The first logo being personally placeds by the Mayor himself in full attire by official launch.

Additionally, I have today received supporting information and posters for the notice boards which will be displayed this coming week.

I have been invited to be attend all future Council meetings with regard to continuous work in the community including also the involvement of Wedoethical and my Miss England platform.

Now that schools have been allowed to reopen, I will be focusing on, (in between my own college studies), primary and secondary schools in East and North Yorkshire to, as COVID restrictions allow, work with students, teachers and Eco clubs.

For me this is just the start of things to come with ‘WASUP’ with the aim to roll out what we have so far achieved into the wider communities within the UK and beyond!

Likewise, the amazing journey I am having with Miss England and my recent title of ‘Miss North Yorkshire – Charity Queen’ is allowing me the privilege to work closely with councils and community groups, raise awareness of some amazing charities and overall make a difference to so many lives.

One thing I would like to say, that whilst I have been, as Professor Gatrad would put it, ‘at the forefront of WASUP’, all of my projects and personal achievements, including with Miss England, would not be possible without the amazing team support from Angie Beasley (Director of Miss England), my Sponsors – especially Sue Stone, my sponsor , Professor Gatrad and not forgetting my parents.

So thank you to all.

Jennifer Carless x