Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Eight year old Theron Mahoney, a climate change warrior, wins hearts and minds at the Miss England 2022 Finals.

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Theron Mahoney – Climate Change Warrior

At the Miss England 2022 Finals held in Birmingham on the 17th and 18th of October, Theron Mahoney was the star!  He was recognised for his effort for setting up his own crowdfunding page and raising £100 to help commonwealth countries get out of poverty by helping them plant 200 trees to provide food for their families and oxygen for the planet.


@theronmahoneyofficial clearing 6 bags of rubbish at his school bus stop using a litter-pick.

Professor Gatrad OBE presents Theron with a special trophy

He received two ECO awards, one from a company called ‘We do Ethical’ and the other from ‘WASUP’  – World Against Single Use Plastic. Presenting him with the WASUP Trophy and a book called ‘The Story of Three Plastic Bottles’ for primary schools Professor Gatrad the founder of WASUP said, ‘we should all be inspired by Theron who is showing us all the way to help save our planet. If this world had many more like him, we will avert an Armageddon by the end of the century.’  Receiving a WASUP Trophy from Professor Gatrad Theron said, “My wish is that all wildlife continues.”

As WASUP also has a climate change agenda Professor Gatrad has offered to mentor Theron as he becomes the youngest WASUP Ambassador. Joining in the mentoring will be Jennifer Carless, an 18 year old who is the Chief International WASUP Ambassador and also the Miss England WASUP Queen who is also both Miss East and North Yorkshire.

Theron Mahoney was awarded a WASUP trophy presented by Professor Rashid Gatrad founder of WASUP.

Theron Mahoney with Professor Gatrad and Jennifer Carless Chief International WASUP Ambassador and also the Miss England WASUP Queen who is also both Miss East and North Yorkshire doing the WASUP sign.


Theron Mahoney was awarded an Eco Hamper and a trophy presented by Kelly Levell founder of ‘We do Ethical’.


@stellakids collaborated with Theron and provided him with a sustainable and ethical Navy Blue Wool SS20 Jacket and Trousers to wear to pick up his award/s.


Theron Mahoney with Angie Beasley, Director of Miss England since 2022.


Theron Mahoney (Call The Midwife,The Burning Girls)






Pictured right with his parents Teresa Mahoney (Hurricane, Avengement,This Time with Alan Partridge)

Jason Bostridge (King Arthur, Thor, Snow White and the Huntsman)

“We’re so very proud of Theron and the love and kindness he continues to show #peopleplanetanimals.”