Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Blend Salon in Derby team up with Miss England Doctor Bhasha Mukherjee

The newly crowned Miss England Bhasha Mukherjee who works as a Junior doctor in Lincolnshire has revealed she’s NEVER been to a hairdressing salon in her life and she usually cuts her own hair before winning the title!

The shock news came when she met Joanne Pilbeam the owner of Blend salon in Derby who has agreed to be Bhasha’s hair and beauty partner during her reign .

“Being a student most of my adult life I’ve not been able to afford luxuries like going to the hairdressers, I cut my hair myself & I’ve never had my hair coloured or anything   “ said Bhasha who also admits to buying most of her clothes from charity shops.

” Its been a question of affordability with the hairdressers, then with the charity shops it became a question of that and variety. Being a student for so long has made me very careful with my funds.  Charity shops have immense variety, from different shops, different eras different seasons and you never know what gem you might get! . As I grew up however I realised that my frugal shopping habits also have a huge environmental and social benefit of rejecting fast fashion and giving back to charity. Im really looking forward to working with Jo ! 

One of the reasons Bhasha started modeling was so she could experience having her make up & hair styled by a professional stylist, but she has never been to an hairdressing salon or had her hair cut by anyone ever and has confessed to cutting and coloring her own hair since she was 12.

Blend, a luxury Hair & Beauty salon in Derby have now become Bhasha’s hair and beauty partner for the year of her reign.

Jo Pilbeam the salon owner said “ We are delighted to be working with Bhasha Miss England & we will take good care of her , but its quite unique to hear we are the first hair salon to style her hair . We are honoured! “

Bhasha and her family came to England when she was just 9 years old as an immigrant.  Born in Kolkata India , Bhasha revealed she lived in one room in a shared house with her mum dad and brother when she first arrived in the UK .

Bhasha won a luxury holiday to Mauritius and will be representing England at the next Miss World final being held in London on December 14thwhere she stands the chance to win $100k and the coveted crown .

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