Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Abby started playing music when she was 8 years old !

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Words by Miss England finalist Abby Knight from Falmouth 
“I started playing music when I was 8 years old. I was brought up with a piano in my dining room and used to teach myself as a kid. As I got older, I started having lessons, and this is where my love for the piano began. When I started out having lessons, I was younger than the age requirement that was needed to begin lessons, however, I somehow managed to get the teacher to think it was a good idea! By the time I was 10 years old, my teacher had me learning the Moonlight Sonata by Mozart, and Fur Elise by Beethoven!
After I left primary school, I had an amazing teacher called Natalie who used to write music for film and adverts. I was mesmerised by what she did, and I took a lot of inspiration from her. Unfortunately, Natalie passed away when she was young, and I could no longer have lessons. I fell out of love with playing after having a teacher who wasn’t best suited to me and almost decided to quit.
I finished my music education at college, and then decided I wanted to pursue music at university! This is where I am today! After having extreme imposter syndrome when I came to University, I was beginning to wonder if I had chosen the right career path for me. However now, in my final year of university, with just 2 months left, I have written a piano and cello single with Hans Zimmers lead cello player! I was so lucky to be invited to watch her and Hans Zimmer at the o2 on the World of Hans Zimmer tour after working with her and meet her and the other musicians backstage! I have also collaborated with some amazing musicians such as Jake Chapman @chappmilkshake on Instagram, and others.
I want to use my Miss England platform to inspire young girls to get into the music industry. It is super hard to get into, and extremely male-dominated, however, I want to prove that it can be done. I also want to tell people how important music is for mental health and well-being. It is such an important factor in our happiness, and this is the message that I want to spread!”
Abby is in the top 5 of the Miss England Talent
round and the only pianist in the shortlist 
The Miss England talent round takes place on day one of the Miss England final and Abby will be showcasing her skills on a video at the event held on Thursday 16th May 2024.
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