Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Miss England 2024 finalist “Suchita Naidu” in her own words !

My name is Suchita Naidu and all my life, I have been talkative. Growing up as a third-culture kid in the UK, being British Malaysian Indian, I’ve seen and experienced many walks of life. I’ve always been keen to find out more about the different lives we all live and, along with my inherent need to chat, I’ve found so much love in spreading awareness about social issues.
 But my disposition and my passions have meant that I have often felt outside of society. I raged on despite this in youth, confronting discriminatory attitudes and making sure I was not watering down my true nature to the outside world. Yet, this feeling of isolation in me was exacerbated by abuse I faced both in my childhood and in my teen years. Between the ages of 15-18, I was in an abusive relationship where I was raped through coercion. This relationship changed me in inexplicable ways and, during it, the psychological abuse turned me into a shell of myself. I became suicidal and started self-harming. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into and had limited access to resources and help.

I finally worked up the courage to leave and spoke up about what happened to me. Regaining my voice was cathartic and I was so glad I spoke up when many women messaged me expressing they’d been in similar situations. At the same time, my situation was difficult for many to understand, and I used it as an excuse to hermit myself. The mental repercussions of the abuse meant that I had not fully healed and I continued to struggle with my mental health. Recovering from suicidal ideation was intense, difficult, and definitely not linear, but it was worth it.

 I still am not as outgoing, extroverted, or talkative as I used to be before the abuse. I struggle with thoughts that my personality is too abrasive and that my voice does not matter, which is why I decided to challenge myself to run for Miss England. It is my purpose in life to show women and girls that we are worth more than the hand we’ve been dealt. That we deserve to heal and grow. I want to do this through spreading awareness about domestic abuse and mental health. During my Miss England journey, I have raised £215 for Beauty With A Purpose and Papyrus. I did this through writing commissioned poetry as well as going one month make up free, posting a bare face selfie everyday, to promote loving your natural self. It is my dream to spread the message that everyone is worth it and that’s why I am running for Miss England.”
Suchita is taking part in the Miss England national final on 16th &17th May at the Grand station Wolverhampton sponsored by Watermans Hair .
For tickets to watch the catwalk sale finals visit www.grandstation.co.uk/missengland