Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Academia, Advocacy and Climate Action Meet Afrose Ameen

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My Journey to Miss England

I have always joked that my superpower is being neurodivergent. I have been
diagnosed with severe ADHD and OCD from a young age. But it usually worked in
my favour. I have always been very academic, as I was able to hyperfocus.
Moreover, I could never really commit to extra-curricular activities with so much
moving and an unstable home life, often the only escape was to bury myself in

There have been times where school was my favourite place in the world.

On one of my many moves, I went straight from a foster home in SE London, to living in Sri Lanka between the ages of 15 and 16. I missed a year of schooling and had to sit my GCSEs in a different country, with a new curriculum.

The school advised me to retake a year or two, justifiably so. I would need to study three years
of the curriculum in a month, whilst battling through a difficult home life.

But being a stubborn teenager, I just wanted it over and done with so that I could return home.

So, I did sit the exams. I got 10 A*s. I did almost as well in my A levels and got an
offer from the University of Oxford for Law. Sadly, I was still having issues at home
and couldn’t start my degree straight after university. I had to take a year out before
starting a degree, on a whim, in Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of
Exeter. Having completed the course, I have now decided to get back into law and
am completing an LLM. If all goes well, I will be a qualified solicitor and an engineer
next year!

During COVID, I travelled to live in Cairo, Egypt completely alone to learn Arabic and
work as an electrical engineer for an energy company. Whilst it may sound cliché, I
truly did find myself whilst living in Egypt.

I started deep-sea diving on the weekends,
training in aerial hoops, learning Arabic and healing my inner child. I even had the
opportunity to help paint walls at an orphanage and assisted with their opening. I am
now a PADI-certified rescue diver and I can speak four languages.Having had a difficult upbringing, there are certain causes that I am very passionate about.

I have a lot of empathy for women who have suffered from domestic abuse
and hope to write and illustrate children’s books/comics that help identify signs of
abuse in a subtle and digestible way. I believe that this could help households where
abuse is normalised and makes sure children are able to enforce boundaries and
stay safe.

As a renewable energy engineer, I also hope to carry this on into books
emphasising the urgency of the climate crisis. A lot of the time, older generations
may not be aware of how necessary climate action is and teaching the younger
generations is an impactful way to reach everyone.

In my spare time, I paint and write/perform spoken word poetry. I like to keep fit by
going to the gym regularly and training in Krav Maga.

When I have the time to travel, or go to the coast, I like to go scuba diving. I also help with beach and sea-bed clean-ups when I can.

My plans for Miss England has always been to savour the experience. It has been an
incredible journey so far, from my mum sending me the link over a year ago, to me
agreeing and now making it to the Finals, it has all just been incredible.

My campaign will be aimed at raising further awareness about climate change and the ways in
which consumerism can be reduced.

I am really looking forward to the eco-round and hope to take inspiration from this to continue Miss England’s sustainable fashion ethos.

I hope to write and speak about how we can make it easier on the planet and
how important it is to conserve the beautiful natural environments that we are
blessed with.

Despite all the sad news you see nowadays, the world is a beautiful
place and it is our duty to protect and conserve it.

Having moved homes over 30 times throughout my childhood, I feel that no place is
truly home. Home is what you and the people around you make it. So, it is beyond
important that the home you have is a healthy and supportive place. Support for
victims of domestic abuse is also a cause that I hold close to my heart. I have
witnessed and experience abuse since a young age and understand what it’s like to
feel like you can’t tell anyone. I hope in my lifetime, that girls are better protected and
feel more comfortable to complain. This is something that I am working on as part of
my campaign..Overall, this Miss England journey has been incredible and I could not have
experienced it with a lovelier set of people!

I hope that my journey can continue, and I am able to campaign as Miss England.

But either way, I feel so blessed and privileged to be a finalist!

Afrose joined other contestants to receive an official certificate from the NRI and met Jessica Gagen Miss England at the event

At the end of September, Afrose then took part in the Miss England Make up free competition at the Taj hotel in London and qualified for the Miss England national final by becoming the 2nd runner up.

Afrose will now be one of 40 Miss England finalists  hoping to win the coveted title on the 16th & 17th May at the Grand Station Wolverhampton sponsored by Watermans Hair  . In September 2023 – Afrose was invited to attend a special event organised by the NRI Summit which recognised women who worked in male dominated industries.

To find out more about this event  visit here