Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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At the Miss England 2024 Finals held at The Grand Station Wolverhampton on the 15th and 16th of May, 10 year old Theron Mahoney was publicly recognised for his profound Climate Change work by Sir David Attenborough  , We Do Ethical and WASUP ( World Against Single Use Plastic)

“I am so glad you are doing so much to protect our environment.”

Sir David Attenborough


Kelly Levell who worked with the Miss England Director Angie Beasley to create the 1920s Ethical fashion Theme for the Miss England said

Thank you Theron  for raising awareness of ways that we can all be the change we need to see in our world; removing pollution and changing lives of others less fortunate for the better across the UK and Commonwealth countries” 

Kelly Levell the founder of We Do Ethical

Milla Magee, Kelly’s chosen ethical Fashion Queen went on to win the Miss England national title the same night !  

WeDoEthical.org celebrated 10 years of being associated with Miss England in 2024 so it was an extra special event for Kelly too ! 

Professor Rashid Gatrad the founder of WASUP , special guest at Miss England 2024

Rashid said “We should all be inspired by Theron who is showing us all the way to help save our planet. If this world had many more like him, we will avert an Armageddon by the end of the century.”



New Jersey Institute of Nature

“Theron is a 10-year old actor, model, and climate activist who has done profound work for the planet. We’re celebrating today this list of Theron’s earth-healing work! We love how Theron combines his acting and modeling work with his climate work to spread awareness!

No one is too young or too busy to be a climate warrior.

Thank you, Theron, for the work you’re doing for Mother Earth and for inspiring us to do our part!”


Theron Mahoney is a multi talented child actor and model represented by Kids London and currently trains at BRIT Kids at the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology.  He played Jacob in The Kryst (2024) based on the TV series Ascension which is currently in post production.  Theron is best known for playing Young Aaron in The Burning Girls (2023) with his older self being played by David Dawson.  He played George Thompson in Call The Midwife (2021).  In addition to being a child actor, Theron has modeled for Bora Aksu and Zara as well as playing ‘The Knight’ in Zara’s Halloween films.

He is a White Belt in Lau Gar Kung Fu; gymnast; tap dancer; singer; guitarist; pianist;  drummer and a Young Climate Warrior.

Theron is the first ever Child Ambassador since 1928 to pick up two Eco Awards in succession at the Miss England national beauty pageant held in England (2022). ‘We Do Ethical’ Child Award and a ‘WASUP’ – World Against Single Use Plastic Award.

He collaborated with Stella McCartney to mark this historic occasion.



  • Has raised £202 through crowdfunding pages to help poor commonwealth families plant 402 trees for food, shade and oxygen and became the first ‘We Do Ethical’ Child Ambassador.
  • Cleared 6 bags of litter from his school bus stop and received a Green Champion Award from Lewisham Council for his efforts to make Lewisham, England greener.
  • Theron is the first ever Child Ambassador since 1928 to pick up two Eco Awards in succession at the Miss England national beauty pageant held in England (2022). ‘We Do Ethical’ Child Award and a ‘WASUP’ – World Against Single Use Plastic Award.
  • For his efforts to diminish single-use plastic he became the youngest ambassador of @wasupmeuk.
  • Councillor Krupski, Cabinet Lead for Environment and Climate Action in Lewisham came to visit Theron at his school and they spoke about the positive impact food waste recycling is already having on his school and other schools.
  • Chosen by the New Jersey Institute of Nature as ‘Friday’s Climate Figure’ for his profound climate change work.
  • Took part in the Urban Forest Tree Planting for HTB Church and helped them to plant 1400 trees.
  • The Young Climate Warriors awarded Theron for hitting the red button and being an amazing Young Climate Warrior.
  • A Community Ambassador at his school which is Rathfern Primary, London, SE6 4NL.
  • Theron received a letter from Sir David Attenborough thanking him for doing so much to protect the environment.

Awards presented to this very special young man include 

We Do Ethical Prince Award 2023 / 2024

We Do Ethical Child Award 2022

WASUP – World Against Single Use Plastic Child Award 2022, 2023 & 2024

Lewisham Council Green Champion Award 2023

Young Climate Warrior Certificate of Achievement 2022 & 2023

Mayor of Lewisham Community Award 2022 

“My wish is that all wildlife continues.” 



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