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We Do Ethical Awards: Enter a Grand Celebration of Social & Environmental Champions

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Since 2014, We Do Ethical has been a beacon of recognition for those dedicated to positive impact through the esteemed Ethical Awards.

This year, the awards have evolved into an even more distinguished affair,
featuring a Wellbeing Day on April 4th in Bournemouth—a pivotal step toward claiming a coveted ethical award and a £1000 hamper prize.

Proud of their philanthropic endeavours, We Do Ethical’s award-winning cohort actively engages in community outreach. From litter cleanups to supporting the homeless and tree-planting pledges, their commitment goes beyond
recognition to bring transformative change to communities.

Select ethical award champions have the opportunity to shine on a broader stage—the Mr & Miss England contest, allowing them to amplify their influence and contribute significantly to social and environmental causes.

Reflecting on 2019, We Do Ethical collaborated with BCP’s “Leave Only Footprints” initiative, orchestrating well-being
days supported by entities like JP Morgan. This initiative addresses climate change, nurtures mental well-being, and
champions pollution mitigation.

We Do Ethical ensures the provision of equipment, permissions, and comprehensive
insurance coverage, managing the process with care.

In December 200, We Do Ethical joined forces with Hope for
Food charity locally and Just Smiles nationally, providing personal care products for the most vulnerable people.

Every Thursday and Sunday, St. Andrew’s Church in Bournemouth transforms into a haven,  offering hot meals and essential items generously donated by the local community

“We firmly believe that personal hygiene is a human right. Before our initiative, the most vulnerable people living within our community were denied this right. Now we provide essential toiletries to an average of 1,200 people monthly, with the crucial support of our supporters. Business supporters and their teams are warmly invited to get in touch and
book in their Wellbeing Day to remove pollution and help distribute the essential toiletries, contributing to your companies corporate social responsibility and environmental governance.” – Kelly Levell, We Do Ethical.

Celebrate commemorating the ethical award participants, enjoying a delicious selection of Oishii Sushi and welcome drinks at the refined 1812 live music venue in Bournemouth on April 4th, 2024, from 8-10pm. During this evening, we will raise our glasses to their remarkable accomplishments and unveil the Miss England Southwest finalists.

These inspiring ethical living champions are poised to grace the stage at the awards semi-finals on April 6th at Viva, Blackpool—leading to the final event held over two fun packed days, 16-17 May at Grand Station, Wolverhampton.

An occasion where professionalism gracefully meets female empowerment, and we celebrate purpose with passion
revealing ethical award champions.

RSVP to attend as a guest: [email protected] or for more information, visit: www.wedoethical.org/ ethicalawards