Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Miss Eco

One of my favourite moments of being Miss Eco

By 25th July 2019 No Comments

Hello Beautiful people!!

As my reign as Miss Eco is coming to an end, I would like to share with you all, one of the amazing experiences this title has allowed me to have!

Earlier this month I was invited to be a special guest at a Derbyshire primary school’s Science Week.

Within this week the children were learning all about saving the planet and recycling, their theme for the day I had visited was recycling ocean plastic, which was incredible as the theme for last year’s Miss Eco round was plastic ocean rescue so I had a lot to talk about with the children.

I was specifically asked to come as Disney Princess Moana who is a friend of the ocean to fit the theme. The children were so excited to tell me (Moana) all about what they had learnt over the week and what they were doing to recycle and save the ocean!

Each class had made a picture on a canvas using plastic from around their homes, mostly bottle lids; They made some amazing creations, one class made a snail, another made a fish, another made a light house, just to name a few. I was asked to pick a winner but I could see how much time and effort all of the children had put into their pictures, they were all equally as well put together and all looked fantastic, I simply couldn’t chose. As they all had put so much time, thought and creativity into doing their bit saving the ocean I chose all 5 classes as the joint winner because they all deserved it.

I was also able to show the children my winning eco dress and explain to them how I made it and the reason behind the materials used.

When I was asked to come along as a special guest I was told that the day after I was to visit, the children were going to be making their very own outfits out of recycled materials and having a Fashion show! I was so glad to be able to show the children my own outfit made from recycled materials to give them some inspiration!


I had such a fantastic time, it was so fantastic to see the children take such an interest in something as important as recycling and saving the oceans and animals, they were clearly all very passionate about it, it really gave me so much hope for the future of our planet ♥️