Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Planks/Core Strength 🍏
When I’m doing a full body HIIT workout, I always include – side planks, variation planks & front planks as well as my other abdominal exercises.
Core strength & stability is key for any fitness/training routine, engaging your core muscles whilst doing exercises is very important.
Side planks – excellent for strong obliques. Hold your body on one side using one arm & one foot to support you – engage all the core muscles and hold for a few seconds to begin and gradually build the length of time held. Keep your body straight and repeat on the opposite side.

Variation Planks – keeping a straight posture raise one leg and the opposite arm and hold. Repeat on the opposite arm & leg. Variation planks are a more advanced plank and require good balance. By practising front planks your balance & strength can quickly be built up to work up to variation planks.

The front Plank is a full body move so remember to make full use of every muscle paying extra attention to squeezing the glutes tightly and hold tension in your core. Focus on your quads and keep your knees straight.
Never allow your back to dip, maintain a straight line in your body from your shoulders down through to your legs and keep your back flat.
To begin with focus on holding a good strong plank for 20/30 seconds and increase the time as your strength builds.
Incorporating planks regularly into your exercise routine helps support the spine & body and promotes good posture & balance which enables you to execute exercises with more precision and stability 🍏💫