Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Miss England Jessica Gagen shares the importance of looking after your teeth from a young age after winning the Dentakay Brightest Smile award

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The first ever Dentakay Brightest Smile contest was held between 30 finalists who took part in the Miss England 22 grand final. To enter this photographic contest,  the contestants were  encouraged to post their best smile photo on their own social media platforms and appeared on a dedicated Dentakay page on the Miss England website.
On the first day of the 2 day Miss England final , the national finalists all took part in a catwalk for the team at Dentakay to make their final choice and choose the winner!

Dr Gulay , the founder of Dentakay Dental Clinic  selected Jessica Gagen as the Dentakay Brightest smile winner who was then fast tracked through to the final 12 at the Miss England  final .

Dr Gulay with Jessica Gagen on the night of the final of Miss England 22 Photo by Bamboo photo lab

A  completely separate independent  team of judges then selected Jessica as the Miss England winner on the final night !  Jessica will now represent England at the 71st Miss World!
Miss England director Angie Beasley said “We are thrilled to have a highly skilled team of dentists associated with the Miss England  contest. Having a healthy great smile is a key part to winning our contest as Jessica went on to prove! “
Dr Gulay presented Jessica with her first award of the night and said “Jessica was chosen as the winner of the Dentakay Brightest smile award winner because of the fact that all her teeth are proportional to each other in length and width, her upper teeth have a positive relationship with the lower lip inclination when she smiles. She has a buccal corridor spacing close to the ideal when she smiles and her upper anterior teeth are in a free position from the upper lip line and are sufficiently visible when talking. Knowing now that Jessica suffered with her smile for years and received a lot of treatment while she was young, makes her win that much more memorable.”
Sharing her own dental story Jessica said  “I had braces from a very young age, and I’ve really tried to look after my teeth ever since .

Jessica as a youngster

The Dentakay Brightest Smile award was the one I really had my eyes on in the run up to the final! My orthodontic treatment started at the age of 11 and lasted until I was 15 years old. I’ve worn a retainer of a night time ever since!  I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush and mouthwash twice a day with whitening dental products.  I’m also a mega fan of tea – so every now and then I like to give my teeth an extra whitening boost with gels and trays I bought from my dentist. Apart from my orthodontic treatment and the whitening gels I use occasionally, I’ve never had any cosmetic work done on my teeth . After having treatment for so long I’ve tried to do my very best to prevent any unnecessary appointments.

You only get one set of adult teeth to last you the rest of your life, and luckily enough I learned the importance of that from a very young age!
Hopefully by me winning the Dentakay award will inspire more youngsters  to look after their smiles!
Id like to say a big thank you for Dr Gulay for picking me as her winner and hence, fast tracking me to the top 12 on the evening!”

The team from Dentakay Dental Clinic  with the Miss England 22 national finalists


Jessica , the Dentakay Brightest smile award winner selected by the main judges as Miss England 22 !

Jessica winning Miss England 22

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