Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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“My first few weeks as Miss England 󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 have been a whirlwind, and it was an incredible honor to be invited to ‘Harrods’ Hair and Beauty Salon in London .

We arrived early before the store opened for business, which was a real treat. I was greeted at the door by the wonderful Dar Bardot who is a hair stylist from the 5th floor salon in Harrods, Kitty the manager of the hair dept, and the incredible photographer Alan Strutt.

We were guided around Harrods and able to absorb the beautiful surroundings privately, to look around the store. Then to have my hair beautifully styled by the man himself Dar who created a beautifully glamorous style, with lots of volume and height – something I don’t usually do with my hair, as I am always in the sea or on the beach, but I loved it. It felt so extravagant and glamorous, and this is one of the reasons I love being on the road to Miss World, all the glamour and fantastic opportunities to do things I would never normally do.

Dar Bardot – Hair by Dar  getting Milla ready for the photocall

We sipped beautiful teas and were treated so well by the fantastic staff. Beatrice who is the manager of customer experience for the salon has been at Harrods for 44 years and had some wonderful stories from her years of working there. I think that is testament enough to the store that Beatrice has been there so long, it is the most wonderful place to work and be.

This really was a full circle moment for me as I used to go to school at ‘More House’ which is located on Pont Street, just a few roads behind Harrods. I used to buy my school uniform at the store, I also used to come in after school for tea sometimes, and to look around the food halls. I always remember the beautiful displays of biscuits and sweets. If I was lucky sometimes, I would be treated to some of the chocolates, you could buy them individually. I remember thinking how pretty one little chocolate used to look wrapped up, almost to good to eat.

After talking and laughing with everyone it was time to leave as we had another appointment, but before we left, Beatrice gave me a goodie bag which I will treasure forever. On the way out I had to have my photo taken with the store’s iconic green men, who are as famous as the store itself. A truly magical morning I will never forget, Thank you Harrods.”