Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Photos supplied by Lion Davinder Prasad

The Coventry Mercia Lions Club sponsored Bhasha Mukherjee’s Miss Englands memorable trip  to India in March 2020 to showcase the various charitable projects the club supports.  The planned tour was almost complete just before the Lockdown in India by PM Modi took place . The idea was conceived in January and no one could imagine that the whole world would come to a  halt in just couple of months time. The announcement of total lockdown of India as well as UK came as a total surprise.

The last day of the Coventry Mercia Lions tour was a visit to Vidya Centre for Learning on 20th March. Following this,  Bhasha had  decided she wanted to go home & re-join her work colleagues after hearing the how the NHS was appealing for all doctors and nurses to go back to work.

The 2nd part of the Humanitarian trip had been a visit to Pakistan with a team of Doctors a few days later on a medical trip . Between this Bhasha had planned to visit family but after trying to get back to the UK , she ended up being stranded in India for over a week after spending hours on the Tarmac at Delhi Airport after the plane she was on was grounded due to the lockdown begininng  …

Soon Media throughout the world started to cover Bhashas story as she was one of many British Nationals stranded in India due to Covid-19 and Lockdown .  The fact that Bhasha is a NHS Doctor as well as the reigning Miss England created an inspiring story .

Visit Bhashas own website for some of the article’s & google Miss England News to find out more


Here are some of the diary photos from the projects supported by the Coventry Mercia Lions Clubs & the wonderful people Bhasha met during her trip …

Thank you to Lion Dr Rakesh Sachdev, Lion Davinder Prasad, Lion Ravinder Sandhu , Lion Lord lali Sokhi ji, Lion Saudagar Nagra ji and all members who supported this memorable trip for Doctor Bhasha Mukherjee and her mother Meeta .

First morning of the tour  at the Ramada Hotel

(Pictured above )  Dr  Bhasha Mukherjee presenting a cheque on behalf of the

Coventry Mercia Lions Club to the Management Committee of project called ” Bachpan”


Dr Bhasha Mukherjee accepting Souvenirs hand crafted by residents of an old peoples care home called “Anand Ashram” in Udaipur Rajasthan


Dr Bhasha Mukherjee receiving blessings from a 95 year old resident of an Old Peoples Care home  called “Anand Ashram” in Udaipur Rajasthan


Dr Bhasha Mukherjee, Miss England 2019-20 fell in love the the music of this Rajasthani Folk mucisian who was playing traditional music, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Red Saree by Arinder Bhullar


Dr Bhasha Mukherjee, Miss England 2019-20  could not hide her happiness during the boat cruise in Lake Pichola in front of City Palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan


   Boat cruise in Lake Pichola, Udiapur, Rajasthan    –   with Dr Gitanshu, Dr Anjali, Dr Bhasha Mukherjee Miss England 2019-20, Lion Davinder Prasad, Ms Madhumita and Mrs Rekha Chawala
Meeting Royal Highness Maharana Arvind Singh Ji of Mewar, a Rajasthani Kingdom  –   with Dr Bhasha Mukherjee and Mrs Kalpana Goel, Founder President of Tara Sansthan, Udaipur,
Rajasthan  –   a very prominent charity that runs eye hospitals to serve poor and deprived.
  Dr Bhasha Mukherjee Miss England 2019-20 with His Royal Highness Maharana Arvind Singh Ji of Mewar  –   a Rajasthani Kingdom, he is direct decendant of the legendary Rajput King called Maharana Pratap Singh of Mewar.
 Mr Navjot Singh Mahal, Deputy Police Commissioner of Jalandhar area presenting Appreciation award to Dr Bhasha Mukherjee, Miss England 2019-20 on behalf of  “Youth Football Academy  –  Rurka Kalan”    –   a charity set up to take youth away from drug abuse, also supported by Coventry Mercia Lions Club

A special award to Lion Saudagar




With Lion Saudagar                                      With The Eye hospital staff





A visit to an Orphanage for abandoned girls               Thank you to the Lions Club Nakodar




The  Eye hospital doctor thank Bhasha for visiting with flowers and a special drum






Pictured above – L-R   Dr Rakesh Sachdev President of Bopa , Dr Bhasha Mukherjee , Lion Davinder Prasad, Vie President of Coventry Mercia Lions Club & Lion Ravinder Sandhu , 2nd Vice District Governor , Lions Club International District 105CW 


Pictured above  Dr Bhasha Mukherjee Miss England 2019 with teachers of “Academy Heights Public School – Educational Project Supported by the Coventry Mercia Lions Club








The Last day at the Vidya Centre in Faridabad

Coventry Mercia Lions Club have  made donations towards the provision of food for poor and vulnerable in India
The last day of the tour with Miss England  was to the  “Vidya Centre for Learning” which was open was when Dr Bhasha Mukherjee, Miss England 2019-20 visited this place supported by Coventry Mercia Lions Club.
It was on 20th March when the guidance was that gathering of more than 50 persons was not allowed. Social distance was not announced on this day and use of face masks not mandatory, it was optional.  Things changed dramatically a day later …
Here are the last photos starting with Bhasha being greeted with Hand sanitiser


                       A warm welcome for Bhasha , she was greeted with flowers from the students




Welcome speech and photos

Photo time

Chatting to the young students

Bhasha with the all the children of the Vidya Centre for Learning

Group leader Shristhi (left) introduced the group to Miss England

Thank you to Davinder Prasad and all the members of the Coventry Mercia Lions club for the wonderful hospitality and memorable trip for Miss England & her mother Bhasha & Meeta