Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Who am I?

 This is a question I used to ask myself all the time growing up. I was unsure of the person I was or what path I was supposed to take in my life.


Rewind to the start. I was born and raised till the age of Nine just on the outskirts of Wolverhampton in a small town called Burntwood where I lived with my mom and dad. I attended, nursery, reception and primary school in Burntwood until year 4.

 My Parents divorced when I was just six years old which was hard but they always tired to give me the best life they possibly could. I can honestly say I have the most amazing four parents anyone could ever asked for.


My time at primary school wasn’t good I experienced a lot of bullying , I was pushed  and even pulled through dog mess on a daily basis. After my parents divorced and had both moved on with their new partners who are my amazing step parents who have been a big impact in my life. Mom and Dad thought it would be the best thing for me if they moved me schools. This is where I attended Cheslyn Hay Primary School. My time at this school was amazing I settled in really well and made friends quickly.


After I left primary school and moved up to the high school I was so excited to see what high school was going to do for me. Year seven to eight was good, I was never the brightest at school and not knowing I was dyslexic at the time I struggled a lot with subjects like Maths and English.

Year nine onwards is when the bullying started again. Due to personal reasons I had a very unhealthy relationship with food, I didn’t eat and when I did eat I would feel terrible and scared after doing so, with this my appearance was different to others in my year. I was bullied for how I look being shouted at in the corridor from older year groups and people who I thought were my ‘friends’, “why are you so skinny?”, “Are you anorexic?”, “pass Sophie the bin so she can throw up her lunch”, “do you realise you look more like a boy than I do?”. These were things I heard most days for the last three years of school, I was scared to talk to my parents as I didn’t want to make things worse at the school so my only way of dealing with these problems was to take the pain away myself. I ended up speaking to my mom as she started to notice what I was doing and it was the best thing I ever did. She guided me and helped me so much where we ended up speaking the school and getting the bulling under-wraps.


After leaving school with only three GCSEs and knowing the only thing I wanted to do was dance, I auditioned for a performing arts school in Mansfield called Expressions of Performing Arts. I ended up being awarded with a full scholarship for their three year course. I left home at sixteen and followed my dreams into becoming a professional performer.


Along side the dancing, singing and acting we had to do written work for the course, as the same as school I struggled a lot but with the help of my amazing teacher Michaela she got me tested and we found out I actually was dyslexic, this completely changed my life and helps me so much even today.

 I ended up staying on an extra year and extending my HNC In performing arts to a HND and it was the best thing I ever did. With out the guidance from the principal Maxine, and all my teachers, Lynn, Adam, Marcus, Jordi and more I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Not only did they show me I can do and be anything I want but they also showed me its ok to fail if you try again.


After graduating from EPA I moved back home with my family and started to audition for dance jobs. Along this path I realised I had a real passion for teaching and this is where I wanted to take my career. Guiding and supporting people into showing them what my teachers showed me.

So who am I?

I am proud to say I am a strong, independent, confident and driven woman who loves the gym . I take pride in helping others and making sure no one ever has to feels how I did. I want to educate young people and show them that what ever happens to you, you can succeed and you most likely end up in a better place than those people  that hurt you in the passed.

I am a professional dancer, ring girl and model and a teacher of performing arts to all ages giving them the knowledge I was given from my teachers.

I like to make people smile and let them know the world can be a good place. I make sure I do one good deed a day, wether that’s opening a door for someone or my recent one was taking an elderly lady up a lift as she was scared to go on her own.

I hope you enjoy reading about me and what has made me the person I am today.

Sophie will be representing Wolverhampton in the 2 day Miss England Grand Final sponsored by Watermans Hair at the Grand Station Wolverhampton on the 16th & 17th May 2024

Sophie has entered the Miss England Talent round with her dancing and is hoping to be selected so she can perform on the first night of the event in the Talent shortlist & the We Do Ethical fashion show on the first night & she  is competing in the Sports round on the 5th May .

See Sophies talent entry here 


For tickets to both nights please visit this link