Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Discover the power of sustainability with We Do Ethical. Embrace positive change as we invite you to join our transformative journey towards a more eco-conscious future. On September 22nd, at London’s Taj 51 Buckingham Gate  founder Kelly Levell will unveil ethical award winners during our pioneering makeup-free pageant.
This event redefines beauty by championing ethics, confidence, and natural allure. Ethical award recipients will be celebrated for showcasing eco-friendly fashion and securing pledges for tree planting. Their dedication will be rewarded with coveted eco-hampers.
As these winners progress to the Miss England final, their ongoing tree planting pledges will contribute to their success. The top 20 finalists will include those who amass the most tree planting pledges, competing for the esteemed title of national Ethical Queen and £1k Eco Hamper prize!
We Do Ethical stands as a beacon of empowerment, guiding those who aspire to create a world that values environmental consciousness, social responsibility, and purposeful progress. Let’s collaboratively leave an indelible and affirmative mark on our shared world.

You too can help Help tackle the Climate Crisis