Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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How well do you really know 

Miss England

Dr Bhasha Mukherjee



Images ; Stu Williamson Photography –    

Navy Blue gown – To The Nines

Hair ; Andrew Minarik  @ Indola UK       Make up ; Bhashas own 

Bhasha Mukherjee became the first South Asian woman to win the Miss England title back in the summer of 2019 .. Since then, Bhasha has been interviewed by hundreds of  journalists from across the world, who have revealed some interesting things about this busy NHS Doctor  , who never stops working ….

Q ;  Can you be described as a nerd who always excelled in academics?  Tell us your most memorable funny anecdote from school/college that makes you laugh even today..

Bhasha ;  I have always been a nerd. The most memorable school memory has to be me stepping on a running treadmill at the school gym and falling flat on my face in full view of my mates. It’s a shame it never got filmed.  

I got bullied & called ugly Betty in school , I wore glasses …    I decided to focus on grooming  and experimented with make up and got creative. I made my own share of make up mistakes – Sharpie brows was one of them!  I dieted and exercised like most people . However , I realised early on that exterior appearance is something easily altered and so I stopped beating myself up over my looks , eventually” 

Q ; How did medicine happen to you?

Bhasha ; I wanted to be everything under the sun growing up -from astronaught to footballer! It was finally medicine when I realised that its an art and a science and was a perfect Mish mash of everything I had to offer. I am a good listener, very much a science geek and love people. 

Q; What did you have to sacrifice or give up to get to where you are?

Bhasha ; My social life. I see my friends almost never for just socialising. Even our meet ups revolve around working out together or planning charity events etc. I also don’t go clubbing, drink or smoke so socialising isn’t much fun if I’m around haha! 

Quick Fire Q & A

Q ; Whats your comfort food…       Daal

Your hobbies?    Poetry, modelling , dance , boxing 

When was the last time you felt vulnerable?      Everyday 

The worst career advice somebody gave you…Medicine will make you lose all your hair!

The best career advice somebody gave you…

Medicine is a life long vocation to serve humanity. Not everyone is chosen for such a blessed task.

If you had to go back in time to change a certain aspect of your life, what would it be…

I would go back and add an older sibling before me to my mum’s womb. 

Three things you regret doing…

I regret eating the sugary treats that I vow never to touch each day. 

I regret not going to watch Bahubali on big screen 

I regret not demanding respect I deserved for the work I did for years as a model. 

If you were to be reborn as someone else, who would you choose to be?

Swami Vivekananda 

Three things you hate about yourself…

1. My sweet tooth 

2.My hoarding habbit 

3.My feet. 

The lowest point in your life…

Several points through medical school when battling depression 

When was the happiest day of your life..

When I found out I passed my medical school finals. 

One Bollywood film you can watch over and over…. Main hoon na

 Bhasha is an ambassador for Plastfree & Diabetes UK and is  featured on the Miss England new App & you can follow her on Instagram


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