Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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TIKTOK STAR – THE EXTRA GIRL reaches Miss England semi final

By 13th August 2023 No Comments
Dalia Cromwell is 24 years old and was Born in Netherlands in a small town called Vlaardingen. Around the age of 5 , her parents came to England and she is now situated in Kensington London .
Dalia & her family came for a better life , not speaking a word of English ( speaking only dutch and arabic ) she had gone to primary school in St Barnabas and then followed her education in Holland Park School ,the  onto sixth form.  Dalia was bullied during her years in school for my weight ( many whistling the McDonald’s theme tune while walking into class resulting in eating in the bathrooms as a teenager) and was very sensitive growing up after being picked on.
One day she developed an alter ego ‘ the extra girl’ , synonymous with the word extraordinary. Dalia decided she was going to be the person she dreamed of. Wearing what she wanted and doing what she liked without others judging ( wearing coloured suits and fur jackets to school)  .
Being once the unconfident girl to now overtly confident. All of the younger year groups caught on and she became a beacon of hope for many who were struggling with bullying. It was at the point  she  knew she could create an impact at 16 years old.
Adopting the extra girl , eventually at 21 during covid,  a video blew up of Dalia in her sister’s convertible about how she would like to be independent and focus on herself. Since then her videos have received over 150 million views , 89 million likes and 1.4 Million followers.
Dalia won virtual heat 5 on the Miss England app and is now a semi finalist and will be competing for a final place at Viva Blackpool on the 16th October .
You can read more of her inspiring  story on the Miss England App! Download now for FREE !