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How to Start or Get Back Into Running

By 16th December 2018 No Comments

My top tips for getting into running:

1. Plot out your route in GB mapometer. It’s a great tool that shows a map and allows you to drag a pin wherever you want and workout the miles.
2. Use a pace app like Run Keeper to help you stay on track with your speed and ensure your running at the right pace.

3. Warm up and cool down and no I don’t mean a quick Hamstring stretch and off ya go. Spend a good 10/15 mins either side of your run getting your body mobile and you’ll prevent injury and improve your performance.

4. Don’t worry about people seeing you.
Initially I didn’t want to run incase someone saw me walking and I’d feel embarrassed. Firstly, no one cares. I mean no one. Secondly it spurs you to run faster past people.

5. Consider trying a couch to 5k programme or app to give you some guidance. If you’re really unfit try splitting up your run and walk e.g. 30s run 4min walk (or whatever timings work for you) each week, make the run longer and the rest shorter.

6. Find your breathing rhythm. It sounds weird but remember to breathe and find a rhythm that works for you I don’t know how to explain it but you’ll know what I mean when you start.

7. Take a friend! I ran with a friend yesterday and it was a great chance to catch up, have a chat and get some exercise in. You’re also less likely to stop too ??

7. Enjoy it! Feel that sun on your face, breathe in the fresh air and take pleasure in using your legs to run! So many people can’t and would give anything to. Don’t take it for granted ❤