Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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The Miss England director Angie Beasley & choreographer Lisa Powell  held a workshop & photoshoot  in Leicester in February to help contestants improve their confidence skills .
Ten ladies attended during the day who are all competing in Heat 1 of Miss England 2022.
Here’s what the ladies thought…

Bahiyah Bakar

“My experience at the sanctuary workshop in preparation for Miss England was one of a lifetime. Being there just made me appreciate the position i’m currently in as simply being a contestant in Heat 1 22’ of Miss England. My heart was fulfilled and I was overjoyed by even making it this far as that’s what matters most. Everyone involved with the workshop and the other contestants there had a gleaming smile radiated with positivity and hope. Thank you to the Miss England team for representing beautiful, kind girls who also made my experience better and thank you for the opportunity! Best of luck to the girls” – Bahiyah Bakar


Manolya Sanaga

“Being in miss England heat has before the best experience so far. They’re experts in their field,the teaching is amazing,and the whole miss England team are so kind and amazing. This is a dream of mine and to be a part of the first hear miss England is something I am proud of as I can tell my kids in the future. In the workshops they teach us how to walk on the runway,walk in heels and also how to pose. My message for the girls that wants to join a competition like this is to just go for it. You are capable of achieving everything you put your mind to no matter your circumstances. You have the power to change your life so go for it!” – Manolya Sanaga




Madison Looby

“I enjoyed my time meeting the other contestants and that everyone was either nervous or it was their first time entering anything like a pageant. We have common ground. The guidance from the Miss England team relaxed me and helped me to be more comfortable in my skin.” – Madison Looby


Komal Mahal

“Coming down to the Miss England Heat 1 2022 photoshoot and training was an amazing experience! I met so many new people and my confidence improved immensely through doing catwalks and practicing public speaking. The class was incredibly helpful as my cat-walking has improved and I am more confident with how to pose and smile whilst walking. With Lisa’s help, I was able to work on my ability to think on the spot when answering questions and succeed in doing so. Meeting everyone was also great! Everyone was lovely! After this event, it has assured me further that this is definitely something which I enjoy and take great interest in. I look forward to the rest of the contest!” – Komal Mahal


The next catwalk confidence class will be held on the 19th March . To book your place in the class contact [email protected]