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Miss Beautiful Smile Sophie Blundell’s Blog !

By 30th November 2018 No Comments

Hi there,


Welcome to the Miss Beautfiul Smile section. My name is Sophie Blundell and the current Miss Wyre Forest. I feel so privileged to have won this award, it means so much more than having a nice smile and I hope I can use this platform to not only share my smile but the reasons why and add a sparkle at the same time.

Smiling is so contagious and normally whenever you smile at some even a stranger they smile right back and that nice warm happiness feeling sinks in and the chain reaction begins.

A little about me is I run my own business coaching gymnastics and acrobatics dance as well as owning my own glitter company called Chunky Glitter UK you can check this out on Instagram @chunkyglitteruk and website www.chunkyglitteruk.com. As well as all that I also become a princess and superhero on weekends for parities and event. Before starting my own businesses, I was a Butlins Redcoat and then moved onto an entertainer on cruise ships which gave me amazing experience and was lucky enough to travel many counties all over the world which is still such a passion of mine.

I love to empower, spread positivity and hopefully inspire. I am little bit of an adrenaline junky and have already bungy jumped, skydived and walked on hot coals for charity. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone is a way of life for me.