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Celebrating Diversity in Miss Eng​land ​

Miss England has a long history of celebrating Diversity. But in light of recent events the director of the contest Angie Beasley wants to do more to highlight that the contest is open to all communities living in England.

30 years ago, Angie moved to the city of Leicester to organise her first Miss Leicestershire contest in the City.    Since living in the multicultural city of Leicester, Angie has seen women from all walks of life & all ethnicities enter the contest.  Winners go on to represent the city in the National final, the nation’s entry to Miss World. Miss England  is a contest open to all women living or  working or studying in England who hold a British passport.

Over the last 7 years 3 black women have held the Miss Leicestershire title. Contests staged in the bigger cities have also seen more diverse entrants and winners.

“it’s difficult  sometimes to get the message across to all communities that anyone from any ethnicity can enter as long as they can abide by the rules” said Angie. “England is seen as a great destination of diversity and its important Miss England reflects that.

The current Miss England Bhasha Mukherjee is the first Indian born winner of the national title after winning the Asian Face category in the contest.  ” We teamed up with Asianna magazine to promote the contest about 3 years ago to try and encourage more asian contestants in to the national contest and it seems to have worked . We have far more Asian girls enter now.  Bhasha said herself that many people warned her that she wouldn’t stand a chance of winning before entering and spoke about this in a recent video she created on her You Tube Channel .

” People told me Asians dont get anywhere in Miss England, you wont win, but here I am as living proof”

In the mid 2000s , a Miss Black Britain contest sent its winner to the final of Miss England along with a Miss Maya run by former Miss Asia UK Anupama Jaidka .  Miss Maya 2005 Hammassa Kohistani who was born in Afghanistan won Miss England 2005. There has also been various Asian Beauty heats run within the contest in the 2000’s. In 2014 a former Miss Leicestershire Ruth Mukete ran a Miss Afro Beauty contest in Leicester offering entry to the Miss England contest .


“I’m so excited to announce our collaboration with All African Colours and announce the very first ‘Miss All African Colours of Miss England’ said Angie.

All African Colours promotes the beauty and pride of Africa as a microcosm of modern African diversity in England. Speaking to Yvette Philbert, Operations Director of All African Colours, she re-emphasised the need for diversity and multiculturalism. In her words, “we are very much looking forward to collaborate with Miss England and helping Angie in promoting diversity which she has institutionalised within the Miss England contest.

The winner of the Miss All African Colours​ of Miss England ​will win a place in the Miss England national final later this year.

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