Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Meet the Social Media Queen Charley White

By 16th December 2018 No Comments

Hi everyone!

My names Charley and I am the current Social Media Queen . I won the title at the final of Miss England 2018.

I am so thrilled to have won this title and can’t wait to see what I can do with it.

I am 19 and a student at Demonfort university. I am studying to become a private psychiatrist and hope to have my own practice in the future.

I currently run an online boutique called ‘Fairytale boutique’. Fairytale boutique stocks forever roses and bears as well as offering fairytale appearances to parties and events.
My boyfriend and I dress as characters from storybooks and fairytales.

I won the Social media Queen title by having the most likes & shares on my photo. This all sounds very straight forward but I spent a lot of time networking and proving I was worthy of the public’s vote!
I am extremely grateful that my friends,family, customers and even those who do not directly know me granted me with their vote. To be in the Miss England final was an amazing experience and to be crowned with a title on my first year of competing was unreal. The support I had back home really helped with boosting my confidence and walking out on stage.

I plan to use my platform to support Child Bereavement charities and to help combat loneliness in the elderly. I believe social relationships are the key to leading a fulfilling life. It saddens me to see the elderly sitting on their own especially around the festive period.
I often go and sit with the elderly in cafes and have a chat over a coffee. I will be launching a campaign in the New Year in a bid to highlight awareness and to get more people involved.

That’s all from me for now.
Look out for future updates!
Charley x