Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Photo by Bamboo PhotoLab

Milla is 23 and was born and raised in London, attending ‘Morehouse’ school, she later moved to Cornwall at age 15, finishing her education, where she now lives along with her family. 

After struggling in a big city, Milla found solace in the ocean and water, and quickly developed into a sponsored surfer and qualified beach lifeguard. After witnessing emergency situations, Millas passion for water and public safety lead to her starting her own campaigns. 

Milla is the founder of a project called #GOFARWITHCPR 

Her mission is to get basic CPR and first aid training into local schools and work places, eventually spreading this important basic life skill nationwide – as the skill to save a life is universal.

With the government recently starting to put defibrillators in public places up and down the country, it is an acknowledgment of how basic resuscitation skills are vital, and should be taught at a young age as part of our national curriculum, with ambulance response times taking longer than estimated, the difference between life and death is a member of the general public knowing how to perform CPR, however how can this skill be known if it’s not being taught? 

Recently Milla visited her local MP for Newquay Steve Double, who has backed her campaign #GOFARWITHCPR, and has just been made the face and ambassador for Newquay, working closely with BID and the local council, to create positive awareness for Newquay town. 

Milla visiting her local MP for Newquay Steve Double.

Milla entered the Miss England competition in January 2024 and has been lucky enough to reach the Finals in Wolverhampton in May, she has used the platform to raise awareness not only for  #GOFARWITHCPR but also conservation and environmental issues, using her TRIPLE E affect to : EMPOWER, EDUCATE and ENCOURAGE, to leave a positive legacy for our future generations, Milla hopes people will be inspired by her work and Passion for conservation, and lifesaving. 

Milla has been lucky enough to be invited into the BBC radio Cornwall studio to discuss all things conservation and CPR training, with regular host David White and has generated a lot of press, being featured in Cornwall Live, Falmouth Packet, Newquay Voice, Ground News, Cornish Stuff, Lancaster Live, Manchester Evening News, as well as had the opportunity to speak on Pink Mondo podcast, Newquay Radio and Chaos Radio. 

Milla  is constantly in the water and sees first hand the huge effect of plastic pollution and sewage in our oceans and environment which is impacting our wildlife. 

Milla attends and organises regular beach cleans, and champions sustainable fashion to help combat these issues and is promoting the simple changes we can all do for a positive impact on the future of our planet.

As a child Milla suffered badly with mental health issues that really affected her wellbeing, moving to Cornwall and being near the sea literally saved Millas life,  Milla is passionate about raising awareness for mental health issues, going to local schools to discuss and inspire the younger generation with #GOFARWITHCPR.  

Milla meeting manager of Newquay Business Improvement District, Mark Warren.

After finding her voice as part of her Miss England journey, she has recently recorded a version of Keene’s- ‘Somewhere only we Know’ as we all experience mental health in some way and Milla has dedicated this song to the charity papyrus as we all have a place we go to mentally.

Milla has a passion for photography, and has also just embarked on a journalism course as she hopes to write about all the topics close to her heart, including children’s books on conservation and lifesaving skills, in the future. 

Milla promoting the Miss England Headline sponsors Watermans Hair!


Milla left LAMDA with a distinction, has a diploma in Greek Mythology, and has studied and speaks Latin.

Milla will be representing Newquay in the next Miss England national final taking place at the Grand Station Wolverhampton  on the 16th & 17th May 2024 sponsored by Watermans Hair.

For tickets to support Milla at the event visit the Grand Station Website to find out more