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Fashion is a never-ending trend and requires being updated at all times which can be a burden on the pocket.

Rather than following what everyone else is doing, you can focus on being stylish than spending all your income on your wardrobe. It is not about where you spend your money but how you spend it.

You can also look rich in the clothes from a thrift store depending on how you pair them as per your aesthetics.

If you have a look around the biggest tech giants and IT personnel, they keep their attire simple yet decent. They do not invest in perishable items; they invest in their business. However, some rich people spend their fortunes on how they look and what they wear. Since a person belonging to an average family does not have the fortune to spend, we want to share with you an interesting article that we found at Lottoland and that provides tips on how to dress like a millionaire!

You can check out Lottoland for more tips and tricks on how to appear rich without spending more bucks and how to go against the odds! Also, there are various beauty pageant and contests which use these trips and tricks to make the models look rich and classy!

  1. Luxurious Fabrics

There are many fabrics out there in the market which will give a rich look and feel but it might not be expensive. Whereas some expensive products might feel a bit off the shelf against the expectations. Some available options are herringbone weave or polyester or velvet. The 100% cashmere fabric or 100% wool is quite expensive. So options like 20% wool or 5% cashmere are worth a shot.

A mix of polyester will look a lot better than 100% polyester which might give an inexpensive feel. Moreover, the pinstripe wool is a symbol of class and richness which is mostly being used by higher officials and top-notch business professionals. Also, velvet looks impressive as well yet not so expensive.

  1. Check Outlet Stores

If you are looking for some designer wear at discounted rates then many high-streets offer exceptional value on luxury goods. One such example is the Bicester Village which is situated on the outskirts of Bicester and is one of the remarkable outlet shopping centres. You can find great bargains on the amazing designer outlets but the stock will be of the last season yet who cares about the season as far as it is brand wear.

There are plenty of designer labels in the vicinity and the place is so huge that you might need a map to visit the whole place. The designer outlets have huge discounts on their stock so might be able to find the right executive dress for yourself to show off on the major occasions and look rich.

  1. Get the Right Fit

Whenever and wherever you shop, choose the dresses wisely. They should be the right fit. The loosely hanging dresses or the extremely fit dresses do not give a good impression or at times, it appears as if it has been borrowed. Therefore, even if you purchase a bigger size, get it tailored as per your size in a comfortable fit.

The best fitting advice would be to get it to taper from the legs and get the hem turned up a bit to get the right fit. Also, not much could be done to the shoulders so make sure you purchase. the right shoulder size. It would hardly take £30 to get your dress in the right shape which is extremely important when you wish to look rich!

  1. Keep a Statement Piece

When you wish to appear rich, you should always have a statement piece in your wardrobe. It could either be a long coat or a blazer which would go on every occasion and must be of some value. A camel colour trench coat paired with a simple black shirt and jeans would make a more statement than mixing many colours. Whether you purchase it from a thrift store or a luxurious brand, make sure to pair your outfits correctly.

Even the most expensive outfits not matched properly might give a cheap look and feel. When going for an expensive upper or coat, you should always go for a basic theme.Clean and Sparkling Shoes

5) Clean and Sparkling Shoes

As per many designers, one of the things which make the first impression is sparkling shoes. No matter if you are wearing the most priced pieces, your dirty shoes will destroy your look. This should always be the basic rule when heading out yet many people are just oblivious of the basic fact.

Most women tend to notice the shoes of the men at first glance. It speaks a lot about how you maintain yourself and how classy you are. Keeping your trainers or shoes clean is the least you can do for yourself and your rich appearance. You can easily impress anyone by just being basic and tidy!

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