Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Kayla’s story – Miss England Finalist

By 19th April 2024 No Comments

My name is Kayla Riley…A couple of years ago my brother was diagnosed with a rare brain disease. Ever since then our lives were consumed by doctor’s appointments, medical scares and the overwhelming sense of uncertainty. Watching him struggle with something at such a young age so beyond our control was heart-wrenching. At the time he was the only child in the UK with the brain disease called Baló concentric sclerosis (a form of MS) from then on he has had multiple case studies wrote about him from doctors all of the world who was just as shocked as we was.

But amidst the chaos, a few years later a spark ignited within me and my mum as we didn’t want to just sit back and feel helpless. We wanted to turn this adversity into something meaningful, something that could make a difference not just for our family, but for others facing similar challenges. While starting up our salon we raised over £3700 for Alderhey Children’s Hospital Charity for the vulnerable families and children that are in the position that we once was.

So at just 18 years old that’s when the idea of starting our own beauty business took root. We didn’t want it to be just another salon; we wanted it to be a beacon of inclusivity and compassion. So, we decided to take our services from beyond our salon but to those who needed it most – residents of care homes and disability centers. We visit them and give them the best experience that we can.

From painting nails to giving soothing hand massages and doing their makeup, each interaction was a small but powerful reminder that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and cared for, regardless of their circumstances.

As we continued on this journey, we realized that our mission extended far beyond just providing beauty treatments. It was about fostering a sense of community and empowerment. We wanted to challenge the narrow standards of beauty and show that true beauty comes from within.

And as for my brother, he became our biggest inspiration. Despite facing unimaginable challenges, he approached each day with courage and resilience. His strength reminds us everyday why we started to make a change!

Kayla competing in the Miss England semi final!

So, while our beauty business may have started as a response to my brother’s diagnosis, it has evolved into so much more. It’s a testament to the power of turning hardship into something positive, of finding beauty in unexpected places, and of making a difference. My current aspirations revolve around expanding my beauty business, “A Touch of Bliss,” to make a meaningful impact in the industry. With a focus on inclusivity and empowerment, I aim to redefine beauty standards and ensure that everyone feels valued and appreciated. Additionally, as an aspiring model and Miss England Finalist I find it important more than ever to make a positive change, I hope to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate diversity. “A Touch of Bliss,” based in Heswall on the Wirral, serves as my sponsor and embodies our vision of spreading joy and confidence through beauty. We are committed to make a difference.

Kayla promoting the Miss England Headline sponsors Watermans Hair!



Kayla will be competing in the next Miss England national final taking place at the Grand Station Wolverhampton  on the 16th & 17th May 2024 sponsored by Watermans Hair.

For tickets to support Kayla at the event visit the Grand Station Website to find out more