Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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We Do Ethical has been a beacon of recognition for those making a positive impact through the coveted Ethical
Awards, which this year marks its tenth anniversary. The addition of a Wellbeing Day on April 4th in Bournemouth
represents a significant milestone for individuals and businesses striving to attain the prestigious Ethical Award and a
£1000 Ethical Hamper Prize.

The Wellbeing Day will be held in Bournemouth town centre joined by the ethical champions from across the
Southwest of England. The ethical awards cohort actively engage in community outreach activities during Wellbeing
Days, ranging from litter cleanups to supporting the homeless and tree-planting pledges. Select Ethical Award
Champions have the opportunity to shine on a broader stage—the Mr & Miss England contest—allowing them to
amplify their influence and contribute significantly to social and environmental causes.
Meet the Ethical Champions:
Milla Magee, a resident of Newquay, is blazing a trail as the founder of Go Far With CPR. With a lifelong passion for
the ocean and a background in surfing and lifeguarding since the age of 15, Milla’s experience as a Surf Instructor and
Qualified Beach Lifeguard fuels her dedication to First Aid, CPR, and Water Safety. Her vision extends to making First
Aid and CPR training mandatory in school curricula, starting locally in Newquay and eventually expanding worldwide,
recognising the universal importance of life-saving skills.

Driven by the mission to empower young generations in life-saving techniques, Milla collaborates with local surf
schools, workplaces, and organisations, aiming to integrate her program into school systems. Her efforts have earned
her a finalist spot in the upcoming Miss England contest, where she aspires to forge partnerships with charities and
pursue future endeavours in lifesaving advocacy.
Milla is joined by a group of outstanding individuals from across the Southwest of England:
Alice Cutler, 26, from Southampton, is a commercial property solicitor who embarked on a property investment and
development business in 2020. Passionate about sharing her personal journey of overcoming adversity, courage, and
bravery, Alice aims to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Abbey Knight, 22, from Devon, is a talented composer and piano educator currently pursuing a BA (Hons) in Music.
She specialises in creating piano compositions for documentaries and films, using her music to promote
environmental awareness through informative media.
Macey James, 18, from Corfe Mullen, is an aspiring fashion student and designer known for her futuristic clothing
Jasmine Vinod, 16, from Bournemouth, is dedicated to pursuing a career in acting and is also undertaking flying
lessons for a private pilot’s license. Alongside her passion for aviation, Jasmine excels in dance and music.
Elena Clarke, 16, from Bournemouth, is currently studying for her A Levels in Design Technology: Fashion and Textiles,
Economics, and Business. In addition to her academic pursuits, Elena works as a call agent and utilises her free time
to train at the gym.
Rebekah Watkins, 26, from Goole achieved a remarkable feat by reaching the semi-finals of the awards and receiving
the prestigious We Do Ethical Queen Award at the world’s first makeup-free beauty pageant held in London on
September 29th last year. Known for her distinctive attire of a high-visibility vest and hard hat, Rebekah dedicates her
full-time efforts to restoring heritage sites, thus revitalising community spaces through building restoration. Beyond her
professional endeavours, Rebekah advocates for sustainable fashion, not only by modelling eco-friendly clothing but
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also by modelling careers, serving as an inspiring role model for young women navigating career choices.
These inspiring individuals will grace the stage at the awards semi-finals on April 7th at Viva, Blackpool, leading to the
final event held over two fun-packed days with Miss England, May 16-17, at Grand Station in Wolverhampton,
supported by Watermans Hair. This national event celebrates professionalism, self-care, and purpose as the Ethical
Award winners are revealed live on stage.
Reflecting on 2019, We Do Ethical partnered with Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole’s “Leave Only Footprints”
initiative to organise Wellbeing Day activities, supported by organisations like JP Morgan, for five consecutive years. In
2020, they collaborated with the local Hope for Food charity and the national charity Just Smiles to provide toiletry
products for the most vulnerable individuals. St. Andrew’s Church in Bournemouth offers sanctuary, providing hot
meals and essential toiletries donated by the local community every Thursday and Sunday.
Business supporters and their teams are cordially invited to participate in Wellbeing Days aimed at reducing pollution,
addressing climate change anxiety, and supporting vulnerable communities through the distribution of essential

“By using litter picks to clean up our community and firmly believing in the importance of personal hygiene as a
fundamental human right, we express our gratitude to all who have supported us thus far. Prior to our efforts, the
most vulnerable individuals in our community were deprived of an essential human right. Now, we are able to provide
essential toiletries to an average of 1,200 people each month.” – Kelly Levell, We Do Ethical.
The Wellbeing Day finishes will finish off in commemorating the Ethical Award champions, enjoying a delicious
selection of Oishii Sushi and welcome drinks at the refined 1812 live music venue in Bournemouth on April 4th, 2024,
from 8-10 pm. During this evening, glasses will be raised to the kindness of business supporters, Ethical Award
champions, and recognition given to their remarkable accomplishments as the Miss England Southwest champions
are unveiled live on stage!
Due to oversubscription the guest list has now closed for the celebration event. For more information, visit:


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