Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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A Journey of Empowerment and Innovation – Winnie Adebayo

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As a finalist for Miss England, I am proud to share my story a testament to perseverance, passion, and a commitment to breaking barriers. My journey began with humble beginnings, devoid of formal coding education in secondary school, yet driven by an unyielding curiosity and determination to excel. Graduating with top honours in Computer Science from a prestigious UK university was a milestone I cherished, symbolizing the triumph of grit over circumstance.

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Today, I stand as a Software Engineer, leveraging my skills to navigate the digital landscape and shape the future of technology. But my aspirations extend beyond the realms of software development. I am currently embarking on a mission to revolutionize the hair and beauty industry by creating a mobile app an, this endeavour is fuelled by my belief in the transformative power of technology.

Winnie programming

Yet, my journey is not solely defined by professional pursuits. I am fuelled by a passion for fostering inclusivity and empowerment in STEM for girls and women. Having experienced first-hand the transformative impact of STEM education—both financially and cognitively. I am determined to pave the way for others to reap similar rewards. For me, this is more than a cause; it’s a calling—a commitment to ensuring that no woman is left behind in the technological revolution reshaping our world. But my journey of empowerment extends beyond professional realms.

Winnie educating the children of the Malaysia school about how the solar panel centre they built would be generating electricity.

I have dedicated my time to volunteering with organizations such as Kith & Kids and Raleigh International, each experience enriching my perspective and reinforcing my commitment to social impact. At Kith & Kids, I supported families affected by autism and learning disabilities, by helping to facilitate opportunities for social interaction, skill-building, and fun. Through Raleigh International, I embarked on a transformative journey to Malaysia, contributing to sustainable development efforts aligned with the United Nations’ Global Goals. Which involved planting over 200 trees in a Malaysian rainforest and building a solar panel workshop providing electricity for a school in a village. Inspired by the impactful work of Princess Catherine of Wales when she participated in Raleigh International’s Chile program, I embraced the opportunity to make a tangible difference in communities worldwide. During my studies, I volunteered to teach fellow students how to code using Python—a small contribution toward bridging the gender gap in technology and empowering aspiring programmers.

As a Miss England finalist, I am driven by a vision of beauty that transcends superficial standards, a vision that celebrates our multifaceted identities, cultural richness, and intellectual prowess. I am honoured by the opportunity to represent the evolving definition of beauty in my country England—a definition rooted in diversity, resilience, and education.

If granted the privilege of wearing the Miss England crown, I am committed to building upon the legacy of my predecessor by using my platform to advocate for STEM education. Through outreach programs, mentorship initiatives, and educational campaigns, I aspire to empower girls to pursue their passions fearlessly and embrace the limitless opportunities afforded by STEM careers. For me, being Miss England is not merely a title; it’s a platform for advocacy, empowerment, and positive change. It’s about breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and inspiring the next generation of trailblazers.

Winnie promoting the Miss England Headline sponsors Watermans Hair


Winnie will be competing in the next Miss England national final taking place at the Grand Station Wolverhampton  on the 16th & 17th May 2024 sponsored by Watermans Hair.

For tickets to support Winnie at the event visit the Grand Station Website to find out more 

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