Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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Meet Elvira Styles a Comedian, Presenter, and Influencer.

By 8th May 2024 No Comments

Hi! My name is Elvira Styles, I’m 23 years old, from Reading 

I was born in Italy and moved to the UK when I was only 2 years old and I come from a wonderful and loving big family consisting of my amazing parents, 4 sisters and 1 brother – yess I’m one of 6 kids. We are all very close and I am one of the middle children as I am the fourth child.  I was very shy growing up, but I began to gain an interest in brightening up people day by making them laugh or smile.

I carried on this passion for making people smile by training in the University of Portsmouth in 2019 to become a dental nurse and I loved working with the amazing staff of dentists’ and dental hygienists. Helping patients transform their smiles made me so happy whilst working as a dental nurse and in lockdown, when I couldn’t work, I began exploring my comedic creativity online by posting funny skit videos on social media about funny things many people can relate to, when attending a dental appointment.

I went viral many times from my hilarious hook ending dental skits, as I mastered the ability to bring humour and comedically exaggerate mundane experiences. I now work full time creating content online as I have now grown an audience of 600,000 people on TikTok who I also inspire to step out of their comfort zone and be creative too! I have since worked with the BBC and other big organisations. What I love the most about creating content is how I can positively improve someone’s day and bring a smile to people I have never met before. The best message I have received is when one of my supporters told me my videos helped her stay happy, whilst she was going through chemotherapy. This message touched my heart because it’s exactly why I do what I do – to help people

In my free time I partake in Mixed Martial Arts, and I am a green belt in Karate. Again, I love pushing myself to my limits and seeing how I can better myself both mentally and physically and I encourage people who look up to me to do the same.

*TRIGGER WARNING: SEXUAL VIOLENCE I chose martial arts as my Talent round for Miss England because this sport has changed my life. I began martial arts over a year and a half ago, and the reason I started was because I had an incident where I was a victim of indecent exposure in public, whilst I was walking to go and buy groceries in the day.

This is a crime, and a perpetrator can be jailed for up to two years for this. Thankfully, the person didn’t touch me or harm me, but I was more frightened for the younger girls walking home from school, who may have not been as confident to scream for help as I did. But I managed to warn anyone I met.

Feeling so scared and helpless in that moment encouraged me to explore a hobby that could help me make new friends but also learn self-defence skills that will help me be more confident out in public. I know I’m not Jackie Chan but learning these skills has honestly helped me feel more confident out in the world. I really encourage anyone who has experienced something like this, to talk to someone about it as I really benefitted from speaking to my therapist about this incident. Also, do not be afraid to press charges against these terrible perpetrators as its never your fault and ALWAYS their fault.

With my Miss England Journey I want to Empower and Inspire others to be their strongest and most authentic self, irrespective of what box society has put them in and I believe I am doing exactly that my being the first female comedian to ever compete in this competition. I believe anyone can achieve anything that they are passionate about and stay consistent at. Additionally, I know what influence social media has on people, especially young people and I want to use social media to spread positivity and encouragement to never give up in life.


I have already started doing this as seen in my new online series on my social media called ‘Tea and Tiara’s’, – https://www.instagram.com/reel/C6atB_LANqb/?igsh=OTk5YTJhcW00eDB2

where I give my advice on topics such as imposter syndrome and perfectionism and teach people how to overcome it and my personal experience with it.

Elvira is taking part in the Miss England national final at the Grand Station Wolverhampton on Thursday 16th & Friday 17th May 2024 sponsored by WatermansHair.com 

For tickets visit www.grandstation.co.uk/missengland