Miss England Final 16-17 May:
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The inspirational “Tracey Broadway”  founded HIGHBORN LONDON while battling breast cancer with a mission to help normal women look and feel fantastic no matter age or what challenges they face

The MOST common question Tracy receives from customers is:

“In what order should I apply your serum, moisturiser and eye gel”?

” It’s a great question because the sequence in which you apply your skincare should not be messed with – regardless of how many products you have in your daily regime” said Tracey.

So, here’s an easy skincare regime from Tracey for amazing results to help you nail the optimal order…

1: Cleanse & Tone

Smooth Crystal Cleanser over your face and neck to remove build up of dirt, bacteria, sweat and the likes.

FACT: Using a good quality cleanser preps your skin to help the rest of your products sink in and get to work.

Wash away with a damp face cloth and then spritz Diamond Toner all over to balance, revitalise and brighten.

Note: If you wear make-up always remove with Natural Make-Up Remover before cleansing. It will help your cleanser do it’s job as it should.

After cleansing and toning apply Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum in a thin layer to your face and neck. A pea-size for each area should be plenty and avoid being wasteful.

You’ll instantly notice a revived brightness with your complexion!

Our serum has a low molecular structure designed to penetrate deep into your skin and treat various conditions such as dehydration, lack of firmness and dark spots.

Top Tip: Pat or press Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum into your skin, never rub to avoid unwanted drag of your skin.

Just before applying Imperial Moisturiser, apply a pea-sized amount of my fast-absorbing Imperial Eye Gel. Gently dabbing around your delicate eye area for instantly revitalised eyes.

Imperial Eye Gel is specially designed to work with the thin skin around your eyes to help ease puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. And it’s suitable for sensitive eyes too!

Top Tip: Keep yours in the fridge for an extra boost! The cold gel restricts capillaries around your eye area to help reduce puffiness and dark circles even more.

The Miss England director Angie Beasley is delighted to announce that all contestants competing in the Miss England  national final will each receive skincare products from HIGHBORN LONDON !

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