Semi Final Heat 4


Charlotte Pearce 4 lr   Katy lr


Charlotte Pearce, Age 22, who is a final year student studying international business and tourism at the University of Surrey is one of the latest winners chosen from Miss England Semi final heat 4.  

Charlotte says she loves studying and learning new things and hopes to continue her education after hopefully passing her Masters Degree. 

" Sport is my passion " said Charlotte , " Getting outside and getting some fresh air is my form of destressing, I feel like it is important for everyone to get rid of all their negative energy, and going swimming in the sea, attempting to surf horse riding is a few of the ways I relax and unwind. I am also very focused on helping animals which is why I am a member of the RSPCA , I often drive to Bath to the dog sanctuary to help walk and play with the animals there. I feel very passionate about helping those that are close to home, there is a lovely small charity called The Halow project which helps disabled children and adults and over Christmas I held a charity event and managed to raise over £600 in three hours


Katy Case from Frodsham in Cheshire , a sixth form student has also been invited to participate in the Miss England semi final after being the top fundraiser and winning the public & social media vote . Katy raised an amazing £700 for the Miss World Charity Beauty with a Purpose by raising funds for the charity since being selected for the competition .

Katy is studying A-levels in English Language, Theatre Studies and English Literature Drama and English and says this has had a huge impact on her life. “Studying this has transformed me from a shy, introverted child into a confident actress and writer who can successfully connect and communicate with other people. From a young age, I was inspired by the escapism and spectacle of film, literature and theatre “

Katy now has THREE chances of making it to the Miss England final , she's in the Miss Popularity & Social media final and the Miss England semi final at Kelham Hall , all which take place in May & June this year .

Now Charlotte & Katy are invited to participate in the Miss England Semi final being held at Kelham Hall on June 4th , where she will represent Guildford in the competition .

If successful the students will be invited to the Miss England national finals on July 14th at Resorts World Birmingham.


Shelby Love lr    Eki Idahosa 5 lr

Shelby Love from Elland West Yorkshire also raised over £500 for charity in this heat and is being invited to participate in the Yorkshire Beauty Awards on May 21st & Eki from Borehamwood is taking part in Miss Hertfordshire after raising over £200 for charity .  Eki is also invited by the judges to participate in the Popularity round of Miss England after narrowly missing out on winning the public vote in this heat by 10 votes.

All the contestants in this heat were invited along to the Miss England HQ in Leicester to audition where they met the organisers and judges and demonstrated their catwalk skills and confidence by public speaking and then went forward to a public vote. Following the public vote the shortlist of girls selected by the judges received an interview from Doctor Carina Tyrrell Miss England & Miss United Kingdom 2014, who then selected the winner. 

The winner of the heat & social media & Public vote winner will each receive a gift from 

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The contestants pictured below have been selected for this heat

from the auditions held at the Miss England HQ on Saturday 14th January and 18th February 2017

  Audition Photography by Subhrajit Das 


The semi final takes place at  on 4th June 2017



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Charlotte Pearce 4 lr.jpg
Location: Guilford, Surrey
Age: 22, Height: 5ft 10
Occupation: Student
Interesting Fact: I can stand on the back of my horse
Charlotte lr.jpg
Location: Hull
Age: 19, Height: 5ft 2
Occupation: Student/Model
Interesting Fact: I have studied classical music for 14 years
Demileigh lr.jpg
Location: Aldridge, Walsall
Age: 17, Height: 5ft 7
Occupation: Student
Interesting Fact: I was 2lb 2oz when I was born
Eki Idahosa 5 lr.jpg
Location: Borehamwood, Hertfordshire
Age: 19, Height: 5ft 5
Occupation: Student
Interesting Fact: I am a business student and was a finalist at Top Model UK
Katy lr.jpg
Location: Frodsham, Cheshire
Age: 18, Height: 5ft 8
Occupation: Sixth Form Student
Interesting Fact: I have written a number of plays that have toured primary schools
Natasha Cole 2 lr.jpg
Location: Cambridge
Age: 19, Height: 5ft 11
Occupation: Student/Model
Interesting Fact: I am a grade 8 ballet dancer
Paris Allen 4 lr.jpg
Location: Whitley, Coventry
Age: 19, Height: 6ft 2
Occupation: Modern Pentathlon Coach
Interesting Fact: I represent Great Britain at Modern Pentathlon
Samantha lr.jpg
Location: Sheffield
Age: 25, Height: 5ft 6
Occupation: Student
Interesting Fact: I was bullied at school and I have helped work in India with Orphans
Shelby Love lr.jpg
Location: Elland, Halifax
Age: 20, Height: 5ft 8
Occupation: Actress
Interesting Fact: I love performing arts and have studied it for 3 years
Sophie Alexandra 2 lr.jpg
Location: Leominster, Herefordshire
Age: 16, Height: 5ft 8
Occupation: Student
Interesting Fact: When I was 3 I appeared in the last episode of Auf Weidersehen Pet
Tania lr.jpg
Location: Wolverhampton
Age: 17, Height: 5ft 7
Occupation: Sixth Form Student
Interesting Fact: I can sing and I love music