Miss Durham 2011 / Clara Belle
Competition Year 2011
Which heat do you wish to enter? 20Durham
County County Durham
City/Town DURHAM
Competition Age 23
Height 5-7
Bust 34C
Waist 24
Hips 34
Dress Size 10
Shoe Size 7
Hair Auburn
Eyes Green

I have been incredibly fortunate in the things I have been able to achieve throughout my life. I completed school with three A Levels in English, Theatre Studies and Comparative Politics and received two 'A' grades and one 'B' grade. Aged eighteen, I won an academic scholarship through the English Speaking Union to study in America for six months. I attended a high school in North Carolina, living with a local family, and was able experience the excitement of discovering new cultures and making connections with people from diverse countries. My love of learning about the world inspired me to study American history and politics at the University of Warwick. I was able to study abroad a second time and I spent a year studying and working in Santa Barbara, California. Being an ambassador for my country was the most enjoyable part of living in another country and I also fully relished the opportunity by becoming heavily involved in charity work in the community. For example, I sat on the local UN-USA board as an executive member, discussing ways to improve our community and inspire charitable giving to others. I have been so fortunate to be able to be adventurous at such a young age and I have taken every available chance to see the world and experience everything life has to offer, from sailing from England to New York, to living on a ranch in Mexico that had no electricity, from inter-railing Eastern Europe to visiting as many cities as possible in my own wonderful country. Finishing university in June 2011 was the most fulfilling achievement of my life! I received outstanding marks for all of my modules. I currently volunteer as a Constituency Caseworker in the Houses of Parliament for Durham’s City's MP. Although I have little involvement with partisan politics, I am personally motivated to be as involved with my community as possible. I feel incredibly proud to be able to do so much on behalf of my local area and work daily to improve Durham for all the residents and businesses.


I am very organised and I love to put events together, especially to fundraise for charity. I have had various involvement with different charities –I once raised £300 for Amnesty International by not speaking for 8 days! Whilst living in California, I set up a Haiti Benefit Committee and displayed strong leadership skills in a 30-person strong group. As a product of my own efforts and my team's hard work, we raised an incredible £3000 for Haitian people. I am also very sporty and I love to be outdoors, whether running or practising yoga in my garden. I am currently training for a dualthon to raise money for Beauty With a Purpose. My other talents include British Sign Language, which I was inspired to learn in order to make the business I was working for more accessible for the local deaf community. I have always had a strong desire to make a difference to the people living around me because I wholeheartedly believe that a strong sense of community is vital to so many people's happiness. For the last four years, I have been a peer counsellor on my university campus, providing overnight support to distressed students. Although at times exhausting, this was an incredibly rewarding position and allowed me to give something significant back to my university. It has given me great skills in listening to and speaking with people in all manner of situations and improved my confidence in being able to deal with any situation. My favourite talent, though, has to be my ability to cook and experiment with all different types of food. I am really enthused by great food and love to encourage others to embrace healthy but exciting meals. Although I eat healthily, my favourite food is still definitely my baked strawberry cheesecake!


My number one ambition is to become Miss England and to use the opportunity to teach younger girls that brains are beauty and that geek really is chic. It’s my dream to be a positive role model and to encourage children and teenagers especially to find their passions and talents and then to work hard to fulfil their dreams and be successful in whatever they choose. I would love to use the position to become even more involved with charity fundraising and use all my abilities to help others to have the best possible quality of life - I am already thinking of all the imaginative ways to raise money for charities, such as climbing a mountain in my ball dress and tiara! Needless to say, I would love to win Miss World and I would work incredibly hard to bring the crown back to England, where it would be well-deserved by the nation as a whole for all the great charity work that so many people undertake with little recognition. I would also love to travel the world and to be an ambassador for England, creating cultural ties with other countries in other to promote greater understanding of one another and encourage cross-cultural friendships. Eventually I would like to work in the British Foreign Office as an ambassador for Great Britain and to work to help to promote and protect our country.

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