Miss England 2014 Awards

Miss England Awards 2014

The Miss England Grand Final will be held in Torquay this year on June 16th at the Riviera International Conference Centre

Here are the awards which will offer a fast track place to the winning girls

Once all 60 contestants have appeared on the catwalk on the final night , malady the awards will be presented to the winning girls along with the judges choice 

Just 15 girls will then go through to the interview stage all winning a step closer to be crowned the next Miss England !





Fourteen finalists have been photographed ahead of the finals on the 777 in Torquay and have been selected by top photographer Charlie Kaufman from the Fresh Academy

  The winner of Beach Beauty wins a trip to Mauritius !



  The winner of the Beach Beauty award is Carina Tyrell

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Miss Cambridgeshire Carina Tyrell is chosen by the MTPA as the Beach Beauty winner of Miss England 2014 
The first contestant to win an award and a guaranteed place in the final 15
Photo taken in Torquay Marina - by Fresh Academy





Miss England is proud to announce the new Hair Award sponsor for 2014

Halo will be selecting their 12 finalists from your their portfolios in the lead up to the

final for a Halo Hair show & one lucky winner will be selected during the 3 day final who

will be fast tracked through to the final 15 as the Halo Hair Award winner

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IMG 8970




 The Halo Hair award was won by Miss Xtreme Sportswoman - Laura Clare 








Xtreme Bootcamps held the Miss England Boot Camp on Saturday 14th June at the Riviera Centre in Torquay

This award is given to the fittest girl in the contest!

IMG 8993

The winner of this award is Zara Holland - Miss Hull







To the finalist with the most creative and interesting & stunning Eco outfit

this award is sponsored by Quicksilver PR

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We Do Ethical fashion founder Kelly Levell will be judging the Miss Eco Round 

The winner of this round will receive a range of fashionably ethical prizes

 worth £500 and a place in the top 15


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Miss Cambridgeshire - Carina Tyrell wins the Miss Eco award 




The Miss England office have invited all contestants the opportunity to submit a DVD of their talent

Lisa Powell, a qualified drama teacher and Angie Beasley the director of Miss England will be choosing the most talented female in the contest

The winner recieves

A TV presenter's training course with TV Training



IMG 9055



Miss Chesterfield - Stephanie Hill won the Miss Talent award 








The photo partner for the Miss England contest is the Fresh Academy

Fresh have invited all the national finalists for a free photoshoot to enter this contest and one winner will be selected



Miss Cambridgeshire - Carina Tyrell winner of the Fresh Modelesque award






This special award goes to the top fundraiser in Miss England 2014

The Miss England competition supports the Miss World Charity

Beauty with a Purpose which raises funds for disadvantaged children worldwide


Miss Cambridgeshire - Carina Tyrell wins the Beauty with a Purpose award 

for raising over £8000!!!

IMG 8939





This award goes to the contestant with the most votes submitted by the public

during an online competition which has taken place over the recent weeks


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 Miss Chichester - Kimberley Fletcher won the Miss Popularity award 


 Miss Social Media


This award goes to the contestant with the most 'likes' on their photo in the Miss England finalists album on facebook

the winner will be fast tracked to the top 15 and will win a mini website from Prime Photography


IMG 9142

Miss Chichester - Kimberley Fletcher wins Miss Social Media 


                                                                                                                         Quicksilver 2011 webcopy
Sponsored by QUICKSILVER PR 
The contestant who generates the most publicity in the lead up to the Miss England national final
will receive this award and a fast track place in the Miss England final 15 


 IMG 9124-2

Miss Lancashire - Mary Kate McKay wins the Miss Publicity award







This new quiz round has been created by the winner of Miss England 2013

Kirsty Heslewood - to prove the finalists have brains as well as beauty

The finalists will just have 10 minutes to answer this special quiz created just for the 2014 Miss England finalists!

The Brainiest contestant will be fast tracked to the final 15!

 IMG 8954

 Miss Oxfordshire - Amelia Watt won the Miss England Brainy Beauty award 



web ad2

With a Touch of Sparkle will give each award winner a pair of beautiful shoes






The judges selected these contestants to make up the final 15



IMG 9159IMG 9175IMG 9183IMG 9195-2IMG 9212IMG 9230IMG 9240IMG 9253



     Miss Mercia - RUBY BOWATER   Miss Nottingham - REBECCA DRYSDALE  

Miss Devon - HAYLEY WOOD   Miss Fresh Teen - EMILY DARNLEY

  Miss Hertfordshire - CHARLOTTE WHITE  Miss Leicestershire - HOLLY DESAI

Miss London - TAMMY DEXTER   Miss English Riviera - LEANNE WARD




Miss Beach Beauty


sponsored by


The 14 finalists who reached the Beach Beauty round in Miss England 2014 are

pictured  below wearing swimwear by Devon based swimwear retailer 

Juste Moi aboard the Triple 777 Yacht in Torquay Marina . 

juste moi logo 3  

Gone are the days of the Miss England swimwear parade on stage ! The Beach Beauty shoot was held in Torquay aboard the Triple 777 Yacht in Torquay Harbour on Monday June 2nd 2014 as a professional swimwear shoot . Hair and  Make up was organised by Bridgette Caple  



  Miss Leicestershire   Miss Nottingham

 030A1262 030A1079      

Melissa Odabash bikini       Maryan Mehlhorn bikini 

£164.00                               £149.00


Miss Bristol    Miss Cornwall

 030A1442 030A1287

Heidi Klein Bikini £195.00   Heidi Klein swimsuit £190.00                                                              


 Miss English Riviera   Miss Cambridgeshire

  030A1104 030A1269

 Heidi Klein Bikini £185.00    Heidi Klein Bikini £195.00                                                     


  Miss Hampshire   Miss Flyde Coast

   030A1277 030A1087

 Heidi Klein Bikini £185.00   Miraclesuit £142.00                                   


Miss Coventry    Miss Cheshire

   030A1257 030A1078

Roidal Swimsuit £134.00   Roidal Bikini £142.00


  Miss Grimsby    Miss London

    030A1268 030A1245

Melissa Odabash swimsuit    Melissa Odabash bikini 

£189.00                                   £164.00


Miss Devon   Miss Shropshire 

   030A1100 030A1093                                                      

 Roidal swimsuit £124.00   Roidal swimsuit £137.00 





The winner of Beach Beauty wins a trip to Mauritius , cialis even if she is not crowned Miss England!

cheap Arial, cialis 'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 18px; text-align: left;">BEACH BEAUTY AWARD 
Miss Cambridgeshire Carina Tyrell was chosen by the MTPA as the Beach Beauty winner of Miss England 2014 

Carina was the first contestant to win an award and a guaranteed place in the top 15 in the Miss England final 

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The top 3 Beach Beauties 


The final 3 are 

Right to left 

Holly Desai - Miss Leicestershire 

Rebecca Drysdale - Miss Nottingham 

Carina Tyrell  - Miss Cambridgeshire 

The girls are wearing designer swimwear from Juste Moi , a Devon based swimwear company 

The 14 Beach Beauties are pictured on the 777 yacht in Torquay Marina


 with Miss England 2013 & Miss UK  - Kirsty Heslewood  ( Centre) 

Held in association with I Love South Devon 

                                               NEW COVER banner ad nov21st2013


The 14 contestants had lunch at the Marquis Hotel on the day of the shoot 

The finalists were invited to stay at the Imperial Hotel, Torquay and have a wonderful experience on Triple 777 a luxury yacht

 The shoot took place on the beautiful shores of Torquay on Monday June 2nd  aboard the Triple 777 Yacht  . 



Alize the winner of the Miss World Beach Beauty in 2011 is pictured on the beach in Mauritius pictured above - 

The final line up of Beach Beauties in Miss England 2014 were chosen from all the 60 finalists . The host hotel for Miss England is - The Imperial








The Luxury Triple777




Miss Northampton uses luxury holiday prize to Mauritius to celebrate grandma 100th birthday!



The winner of the Mauritus Publicity Queen award in Miss England 2012 took advantage of the luxury holiday prize during the Christmas period. Nadina Knight the current Miss Northampton decided to use the prize which included a holiday at the Long Beach hotel to coincide with her mauritian grandmother's 100th birthday!


Tips from Mr England Winners



You can follow Vaughan on Twitter www.twitter.com/MrEngland_2010 www.facebook.com/vaughanbailey


Miss England Alize Lily Mounter attends Ramada Encore grand launch

Miss England Alize Lily Mounter opens the



On Thursday 23rd February 2012 the current Miss England Alize Lily Mounter attended the grand launch of the Ramada Encore in Leicester.


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