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Charity Number: 1142826

When ladies enter the Miss England competition , we encourage our contestants to raise funds and awareness for Beauty with a Purpose , the Miss World charity which was founded by the chairwoman of Miss World Julia Morley . 

A fundraising contest is often held at the regional heats ,sometimes involving local charities and using the Beauty with a Purpose slogan whereby a top fundraiser is recognised at her heat for her dedication to charitywork and named Miss Charity. 

In the national final of Miss England , the contestants are given the task of raising funds and awareness once again . The top fundraiser is then named "Miss Charity" and fast tracked through to the final 20 from all the 50 finalists.  If Miss Charity does not win the national Miss England title , she is then invited along to a special fundraising presentation highlighting the goodwork which is done by the charity .

The most recent national winner of this title was Nichola Ascroft Miss Basingstoke who managed to raise over £6k at the Miss England 2017 national final in Birmingham . 

Nichola Ascroft was named Miss Charity 2017 at the Miss England final in Birmingham.

Nichola Ascroft BWAP






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 The Miss England semi final held at Kelham Hall in June 2017 raised £7,500  to help fund a specially adapted wheelchair for Shivam -  SWF funds .

For Shivam, life has been an endless treadmill of operations, physiotherapy and medication. He almost lost his life twice on the operating table and has been confined to a wheelchair since he was 10-years-old. 
Shivam Nathwani has Duchenne muscular dystrophy (muscle-wasting disease). In the past few years, Shivam's spine and breathing have deteriorated and he now needs a respiratory machine to breathe. He relies on oxygen 24 hours a day. Shiva has outgrown his current wheelchair and here he is pictured with Miss England 2016 Elizabeth Grant with the new wheelchair currently on order and will be presented soon . 







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IMG 4063 

Picture Above: Laura Beth Morgan Miss Worcestershire 2016 and Miss Chairty 2016 meets Julia Morley 





£50,000 was presented to Coram in 2014 from funds raised by Miss England.

Pictured on the back second to last on the right is Miss England Director Angie Beasley





Another project in 2016 which was funded in England by Beauty with a Purpose was  Landmarks specialist College in Eckington Sheffield . Beauty with a Purpose have completely funded a sensory room at the college for youngsters in Autism & special needs to enjoy. BWAP donated £26,000 for the building of a sensory room within the college.

Read the newsletter and more about Landmarks here  





Southport Gymnastics club receives over £5k in funding 



Read the story on this link ; 

Miss England contest funds a gymnastics club in Southport 




Miss England has funded various specially adapted coaches for disadvantaged children across the country .

Here is a presentation by Julia Morley at the Brent Knoll presentation in 2012 to the headmaster of the school Mr Jonathan Sharpe . Watch the video presentation here ; 








The winner of the BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE award for 2014 is

Miss Cambridgeshire - CARINA TYRRELL


IMG 8939 

The newly crowned MISS ENGLAND 2014

Wins the 'Beauty with a Purpose' award for raising over £8000 for this very deserving charity!

Pictured with Kirsty Heslewood - MISS UNITED KINGDOM 

"The Miss England Organisation has supported Variety, case the Children's Charity for many years, search raising over £250, tadalafil 000 to fund our work improving the lives of sick, disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK. Their wonderful support has funded Variety Sunshine Coaches which have given mobility, independence and greater self-esteem to hundreds of children, developing their life skills and giving them wonderful experiences they would otherwise not enjoy."

Michael Haszko - Head of Fundraising 29-08-2013





Carina Tyrrell – Miss England 2014 continues to run the Miss England crown charity challenge for our contestants every month 

Aged 5, I left the classroom one day with fear, disbelief, and what turned out to be the driving force behind my life.

I had learnt that one child dies every 30 seconds from Malaria. Whilst making model mosquito nets, I could not believe that children on the other side of the world were dying from something as small as a mosquito. Why was I so lucky? Who was helping them? What can I do?

My passion for helping others began and it has been the driving force behind everything I do – from working hard at school to become a doctor, to achieving a first class medical science degree at the University Cambridge, to working with a variety of charities and organizations, and now to entering Miss World. It has not always been easy, working in difficult conditions, studying long hours to become the best doctor I can be, and witnessing distress and loss.

My interest in charities began aged 7 when I participated in a charity run for Terre des Hommes. Terre des Hommes International Federation - working for the rights of children around the world.Over the next 6 years I continued to run for the charity and aged 12 I ran 50km in the rain.

Over the years Carina has raised £20,000 for the charity & personally raised £8,000 for Beauty with a Purpose, in 2014 becoming the top fundraiser of the year in the competition.


Global Harmony – helping the underprivileged to develop their natural potential. Aged 13 to 18, I supported the charity Global Harmony through designing and making dresses for the school charity fashion show.

Carina’s first humanitarian trip – India. I still had a desire to help first hand and aged 16 I traveled to Kodikanal in India. There I helped to build a crèche, teach basic sanitation to children, and donate funds raised for clean water. “I learnt water is a privilege, not an endless commodity”,  “why should I know what a toothbrush is and not these children?”.

Aged 17, I travelled to Ghana for a conference on the millennium development goals and poverty. The International Schools Association Youth Leadership Seminar. I took the opportunity to later join the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research. We collected stool, urine, and blood samples from the children at school, in order to diagnose and treat infectious diseases. Schistosomaisis and malaria. This was my first exposure to infectious diseases. I was struck that the community considered malaria part of life. How can it be right that I had malaria prophylaxis and they did not?

A year later I travelled to Rwanda to intern with Lux-Aid. I witnessed HIV positive mothers struggling to pay for both medication for themselves and food for their children. Mother and child often died as a result. With Lux-Aid, I took part in providing HIV education to the local community and distributing HAART.

Aged 19, while interning at Fiocruz in Brazil, I was horrified to witness the stigma attached with leprosy. Imagine being avoided, ignored, spat on. Joining FUNASA in their syphilis diagnostic programme in the Amazon, I learnt that many mothers were loosing their babies to Syphilis. It was believed that the more sperm a pregnant women has through sex with different men, the healthier the baby. Syphilis had spread rapidly. Diagnosis: a simple blood test. Treatment: one dose of penicillin. It is shocking that half of the world cannot obtain one dose of penicillin, while the other half have problems with excess antibiotic prescriptions.

At University I wanted to help the local population. The most disadvantaged in any community, are the homeless. As president of the Cambridge University Global Health society, I began working to integrate students in the community. Students can now volunteer at homeless shelters, give lectures to the homeless, help find people on the street, and more. Becoming Miss England has allowed me to take this project one step further. I have begun trying to tackle the stigma against the homeless using the public platform.  Why are people homeless, who are the homeless, what is homelessness. I have been able to witness the complexity of homelessness through a variety of projects. Teaching about health to the homeless at Wintercomfort, serving breakfast to the homeless at Wintercomfort, and socializing with the homeless at Jimmy’s Night Shelter. I felt that through these activities I was only experiencing one side of the story, so in October, I slept rough on the streets of Cambridge. This allowed me not only to raise awareness of homelessness, but also to appreciate the hardship that the homeless face. Many are homeless through unfortunate circumstances and the demographics show more females and a younger population who are not all alcohol and drug dependent. The stigma attached to homelessness needs to change.

At university, I have also begun working with Teddy Bear Hospital. School aged children bring their sick teddies to hospital, where medical students, including myself, treat the teddies while teaching the children about health. Helping to reduce hospital anxiety. Promoting a healthy lifestyle. I have now begun developing a UK national Teddy Bear Hospital and am using the Miss England public profile to encourage other universities to start their own Teddy Bear Hospital.

With an interest in homelessness and in helping children to get a good start in life, I am extremely supportive of Coram and the work the charity does with children. I hope to integrate parts of the life education programme developed by Coram, into Teddy Bear Hospital. I look forward to supporting the good work of Coram.

Having witnessed poverty, suffering, and neglect in different parts of the world, I have realized that to tackle such global issues requires a platform. At the United Nations in Geneva, aged 19, I attended and spoke at the Student League of Nations. The global collaborative network inspired me to intern at the World Health Organization this summer. At WHO I helped to investigate the prevalence and aetiology of serious infections in neonates in Africa and Asia, in the hope of finding data which will enable the development of better empirical treatments and reduce the infant mortality rate. This work is on going.

I am delighted to be a student doctor ambassador for Medecins Sans Frontiere, an international charity bringing doctors to parts of the world in need. The Ebola crisis interests, concerns and motivates me. I hope to make a difference through my advocacy work as Miss England and as a student doctor. Carina is looking forward to travelling to one of the MSF projects in the New Year.

As Miss England and as a student doctor, I am also looking forward to travelling to South Africa to support the Nelson Mandela Foundation Trust in the building of a much needed paediatric hospital. With plans to visit the current hospital facilities in South Africa and in neighbouring countries, I look forward to experiencing first hand patient care in a different part of the world.

20 years ago, my view of the world changed. The reality is distressing. It is unacceptable that there is still so much human suffering in 2014. My drive in life is helping those in need. Today my purpose is helping others with the crown in one hand and my stethoscope in the other – I am most grateful for this opportunity.

Beauty with a purpose.


Even on the luxury holiday Carina won to Mauritius, Carina insisted on visiting the George Charles foundation & took the children a large selection of gifts from England. (Photos available of all these projects on request) 



Miss England sleeps rough to raise awareness of homelessness



Carina sleeping rough on the streets of Cambridge

edited DSC 4703 copy

Alex & Tracee, both participating in the literacy courses offered at Wintercomfort

pictured with Carina Miss World - England — atWintercomfort for the homeless.



Carina organised a football game with Cambridge City Football Club with the Homeless




Beauty Queens present priceless gift to charity

Torbay Holiday Helpers Network Devon


Delegates from Miss World, Miss England and THHN.jpgmiss_world_2013_and_miss_england_reveal_plaque.jpg


Miss World, Yu Wenxia, 24, of China, joined Miss England, Kirsty Heslewood, 24, on 9th August to officially open the new holiday home at the Finlake Holiday Park in Newton Abbot, Devon.

The £25,000 six-berth holiday home has been given to the Torbay Holiday Helpers Network to help families in need get a summer break.

The caravan, which has been named Memory Maker, was purchased with funds raised through Beauty with a Purpose during the Miss England 2013 finals, which were held in Torquay in June.

The Torbay Holiday Helpers Network provides holidays to families who are recently bereaved, have seriously ill children or a terminally ill parent.

Luke Tillen, founder of the charity, said: "We are absolutely thrilled to have the support of Miss England.

"The caravan donation will make such a huge difference to us as a charity and to the families we help.

"The holidays we offer are not going to cure any illness or change any situation, but what they do is offer families a positive distraction from the nightmares that they call reality."

- - -  Ends - - - - -


Miss England 2012 - CHARLOTTE HOLMES with Gold Medalist MO FARRAH

at a Variety club fund raiser



During her year Miss England 2012 - Charlotte Holmes has raised thousands of pounds by taking part in & attending various charity events accross England. Since winning the title Charlotte has become an Ambassador for Sir Robert Winstons Charity , the Genesis Research Trust . As an IVF baby , this is a charity close to Charlotte's heart . See the report in the Sun Newspaper about when Charlotte met Sir Robert Winston.




Miss England contestants accross the country have raised in excess of £450,000 for disadvantaged childrens charities accross the nation in the past two years alone at heat and national final level 





Presentation of a coach to Brent Knoll school in Lewisham


Miss England, Miss World & Beauty with a Purpose Winner helps Brent Knoll School

For 2012, the Miss England competition in support of 'Beauty with a Purpose' raised funds for Brent Knoll School


The winner of the Beauty with a Purpose Award for 2012 was Miss Brighton Kitty Williams! Kitty raised over £4000. In total, all of the Miss England contestants from all the heats involved raised over £50,000 for Beauty with a Purpose!



Click here to read the full article from Miss England 2011 Alize Lily Mounter visit to Brent Knoll School!


Brent Knoll is a community special school in inner London for 145 children from the age of 4 to 16 all who have complex special educational needs. The majority of our children have communication and interaction difficulties which includes autistic spectrum disorders while many have associated learning difficulties. A number of children at Brent Knoll have significant developmental conditions which may affect them physically or medically. Many of our children have experienced repeated failure and lack of understanding in the mainstream education system and have come to Brent Knoll with very low levels of confidence.


Brent Knoll provides a full education for all these children giving them access to the National Curriculum and a range of therapies and interventions to develop their learning skills. However, a key area of work for us is developing the social and communication skills of our young people. Staff at Brent Knoll have a profound impact on the lives of the children in their care and their families on a daily basis but achieve this on very limited resources. Many of the most valuable learning activities take part outside of the classroom and away from the school site.



img_2629e.jpgWe aim to provide curriculum enrichment activities for all our children through visits to local amenities such as parks and libraries, visits to shopping and leisure centres and for our older children colleges and places of work. During the school holidays we intend to provide access to play schemes for children with learning difficulties and disabilities which will also provide respite and child care facilities for their families. We aim to ensure all our children have the opportunity to learn to swim before they leave school for which we need access to local swimming pools. We also provide valuable residential experiences through school journeys and outdoor adventure activities.






img_2045e.jpgAs part of the Miss World's "Beauty With A Purpose" initiative, every year the Miss England competition supports various charities at regional and national events. As part of many of our competitions, contestants are requested by the organisers to raise funds and awareness for our chosen charities by taking part in the Beauty with a Purpose round. Over the years, contestants have raised hundred and thousands of pounds for this foundation by sky diving, sponsored walks, holding fetes and charity events accross the country and more!




Here are just a few examples of how Miss England really is a Beauty with a Purpose!


  • Miss England 2012/2013


Charlotte Holmes and 2 Miss England winners performs a skydive with the Red Devils for Beauty with a Purpose.

You can see pictures of her skydive by clicking here.

It's not too late to donate! --- To support the girls you can still donate to the Beauty with a Purpose cause, which helps disadvantaged children here in the UK by visiting


  • Miss England 2010/2011


Miss England presents £109k cheque to the Variety Club Childrens charity on behalf of Miss England 2010 contestants nationwide.


Click here to read more on the 'Miss England supports Variety' article

Over £109k was raised for the Variety Club Childrens Charity by Miss England contestants across the country during a four month period in 2010!


  • Miss England gives a helping hand to a charity for injured troops in Birmingham


Miss England, Jessica Linley, joined Lance Corporal Jim Inkster at Troop Aid HQ yesterday to get stuffing for Christmas. Like Santa's little helpers for heroes, they were filling Christmas Grab Bags destined for troops injured in Afghanistan. When a soldier's injured, there's no time to stop and pack, so the bags contain all the essentials to make their stay in hospital a bit more dignified: toiletries, razors, fresh clothes, and yes, clean pants.



Jim was injured in Basra, so knows firsthand the vital difference these bags can make. Anyone wanting to help make Christmas a little bit better for our injured troops should go to where they can check out a film on this great work, and the very real difference they've made to the soldiers they've helped.

About Miss England: Jessica was crowned Miss England in 2010. Alongside her duties as Miss England, she is studying Law at the University of Nottingham, where she is also Treasurer of the Law Society and Finance Officer for the Athletic Union.

About Jim: Jim Inkster served two tours in Iraq with the 1st Battalion The Staffordshire Regiment, working in the Intelligence Section of the Battalion Headquarters. In December 2006 he was badly injured when a mortar bomb landed close to him causing horrific injuries. He had a long journey back to recovery which has taken almost four years. He lives in Olton, Solihull with his girlfriend Sarah, and volunteers with Troop Aid.

About Troop Aid: Troop Aid was founded in November 2006 by three ex servicemen as a result of a visit to Selly Oak Hospital's Alexandra Wing in Birmingham. When troops return to the United Kingdom from the war zones they arrive back without their personal effects or clothing. The objective of Troop Aid is to supply the basic essentials, such as washing and shaving kit, towel, face flannel, shower mules, socks, underwear, t-shirt and shorts when service casualties return from serving their country overseas.

About See The Difference: a totally new, on-line video site where you can find hundreds of charity projects at home and abroad to choose from. Choose how you want to make a difference by sharing the story to your friends or giving directly. When the project is finished, you will literally see the difference you have made in pictures, video and the words of the people you've helped.

Please read more about this article in the Birmingham Mail by clicking here.

    • Miss England attends The Accessible Retail Christmas Lunch


Miss England Jessica Linley attended the Accessible Retail Christmas Lunch. It was held at the Westminster Bridge Hotel, London in efforts to raise funds for the Variety Club which is the Miss England Competition's chosen charity. Jessica is pictured with magician - Ravi Maya

    • Miss England at the B-EAT Awards


Miss England was at the BEAT Awards on Monday 6th December at the Houses of Parliament to present an award to the winner of the BEAT Local Champion of the Year, Shelley Perry from the SEEDS Project, Preston. BEAT is a charity that is focused towards tackling the issues of eating disorders.

Everyone was impressed with Jessica's true professionalism and charm. The BEAT team found Jessica to be "exceptionally kind, interested in the people she met and delightful with our Young Ambassador Annabelle who was acting as ‘roving reporter"

Jessica Linley proves once more that she is a Miss England we can all be truly proud of.


  • Miss England brings sparkle to Acorn Hospice's Santa Fun Run

A festive Miss England 2010 brought a seasonal sparkle to Acorns Christmas fundraising event, Santas on the Run, when she helped launch the event at the city centre offices of Legal & General in Birmingham. Christmas arrived early at Legal & General with Miss England dressed up to back Acorns' Santas on the Run.

As well as the company being official sponsor of the events in December, a team of Legal & General employees are taking part to help raise funds to provide care and support for life limited and life threatened children and their families across the West Midlands region. Miss England, Jessica Linley joined senior management in their Santa suits in spreading Christmas cheer as they delivered mince pies and encouraged staff to sign up for the annual events in December.



  • First Miss England Sunshine coach presented in Bury Lancashire by Miss England 2010 Jessica Linley, Miss England Organiser Angie Beasley and some of the Miss England finalists on 28th September



The very first Miss England coach presentation took place at The Bury FC Community Trust on Tuesday 28th September. The trust is a club for young people with a wide range of disabilities including mild to severe learning difficulties, autism, visual and hearing impairments, cerebral palsy and other specific learning disabilities. The majority of the children are socially and financially disadvantaged. The Miss England Sunshine coach will be used to transport the children to and from school to training sessions and to transport the squad to and from monthly fixtures. The Vehicle will be used all year round and will be an indispensable asset to the organisation. The Miss England Organisation hopes that this will be one of many coaches that the competition funds throughout the coming years

Miss England Jessica Linley , along with first runner up Jaime Lee Faulkner Miss Champneys , Kirstie Day (Miss Cumbria who was crowned Miss Variety Club at the national final), Miss Manchester Elicia Davies and Miss South Yorkshire Olivia Cunliffe all came along to the presentation to show their support .

  • Miss England Jessica Linley attends Silver Lunch Tribute for Status Quo


Miss England Jessica Linley continues her support for the Variety Club Children's charity through a special lunch tribute to Status Quo which raised funds for the charity on the 22nd September at the Dorchester Hotel in London

  • Miss England finalists participating at the BGC Charity Day


Several of our Miss England Finalists took part in a star-studded charity event held by the BGC Partners now in its 6th year. All the profits from the day's trading were shared amongst numerous charities including the Variety Club Children's Charity. Pictured from left to right are: Miss Asian Beauty Queen Priyanka Singh, Miss London Anna Watts, Miss Basingstoke Laura Ashfield and Miss Guildford (and BNTM finalist) Charlotte Holmes